Take your iPhone photos to the next level with a three-in-one lens system

Take your iPhone photos to the next level with a three-in-one lens system

Thanks to improvements in camera phone optics and sensors, many people have ditched their expensive point-and-shoot cameras in favor of their iPhone. This has led to a surge in the creation of products that enhance the functionality of the iPhone camera. One standout product is the Olloclip for the iPhone 4 and 4S.

508_olloclip_0.jpgThis bite-sized gadget is a three-in-one lens system that clips right onto the top corner of your phone, greatly increasing your means of creatively capturing and sharing your experiences with the world. The aircraft-grade aluminum body measures approximately an inch and a half long (with both lens caps on) and weighs less than an ounce, making it barely noticeable in your pocket. Also included is a micro-fiber bag that doubles as a lens cloth for when your friends gets their oily fingerprints all over it.

The three lenses are the all-encompassing fisheye, giving you approximately 180-degrees of vision; a wide-angle that increases the field of view but cuts down on the distortion of the fisheye; and finally a macro lens with a 13mm focal length for your #artsy close-ups.

Before attaching the Olloclip and snapping your Instagram gold, you will unfortunately need to remove your protective case. Most people should find this a small price to pay for the photographic possibilities. Just think of it as removing the lens cap from your SLR.

The three lenses are optimal in camera mode but can also be used to shoot video. When set to video mode, the iPhone automatically crops the image to a slightly narrower field of view. Using Olloclip, you don’t have to worry about missing the action.

The Olloclip is available in black or red and you can expand your horizons by ordering one directly from Olloclip’s website for $69.99. Search the hashtag #Olloclip on Twitter and Instagram to catch a glimpse of some images that people are creating using the product, and don’t forget to upload and tag your own.

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