Summertime with TJ Schiller

Summertime with TJ Schiller

TJ Schiller, X Games gold medalist (twice), legendary lothario, film star, and true Canadian talks about his summer plans.

Freeskier: What’s up TJ, where are you now?
TJ Schiller: I’m in Hood River right now at Sammy C’s place. I’m here to shred Mt. Hood and the Windells scene for the next few days before I head to Woodward.

FS: What’s going on at Woodward?
TJ: Orage and Dragon are sponsoring a camp week at Woodward in Copper. So I’ll be jumping with the kids, learning some new tricks and trying to help everyone out. I’m bringing skis because I heard they have snow there. Definitely going to hit that jump into foam.

FS: And then it’s off to Whistler for summer camps?
TJ: Oh yeah. I fly home on the 24th and drive right away to Whistler to to shred Momentum.

FS: You’re going to be super coach this summer, eh?
TJ: Actually, I’ll only be coaching for a few days. I’m not going to New Zealand this year, so Whistler will be my training grounds. I’ll still be shredding with the kids and lapping with all the other coaches though all summer.

FS: Looking forward to summer on the glacier then?
TJ: Totally. I had about a month off where I went to the gym and got my muscles all good. Then I came down here to Hood since Whistler isn’t open yet. But it should be super fun and I”m looking forward to shredding with all the homies and learning new tricks.

FS: So no New Zealand this year…
TJ: Yeah. I’ve been going to NZ for four years now, so I thought I’d switch it up and go to Chile with Chug. Peter O. might come as well. Basically shred some powder and do a shoot with Damian Cromwell. Head to Las Lenas and check out what’s going on down there.

FS: Leaving any room for TJ time?
TJ: I don’t know when I’m going to get any TJ time.

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