Summer School with SNC and SASS

Summer School with SNC and SASS

“Summer School” typically has a negative connotation. It most likely means you’re retaking a class because you FAILED on your first attempt. Or maybe you are taking classes in the summer so you can graduate early…which makes no sense at all. We say stay in college for ever, and go to summer school in South America.

How? Here’s how. Sierra Nevada College partnered up with South America Snow Sessions this year to offer YOU a way to shred Argentina while getting college credits. We caught up with Nicole Ferguson from Sierra Nevada College to get the download on the experience.

First and foremost…this is still college. So you do go to classes. You do get credits. You do get grades. But, you do it all from this incredible little compound deep in the Argentinean mountains. Not a bad place to shack up.

Mornings start off with a little breakfast around 7AM, then an 8:30 bus ride to the hill. This is where class #1 is in session. On-hill classes range from avalanche safety and awareness (you get a cert) to action sport photography to mapping and compassing. Or you can work yourself a little PE credit by simply riding.

Students then take a late afternoon bus back to the compound for class #2, Spanish. You do the standard classroom learning stuff, but you are also immersed in a spanish speaking country…so you learn a solid amount of conversational espanol whenever you go to grab a coffee, food, beer or whatever.

Dinner is served in the late evening (9PM) because that’s how they do it in South America. By the time your little belly is filled it is easy enough to crash out and reset the day.

You can skip the traditional classes and hook yourself up with an internship with the crew at South America Snow Sessions. So instead of learning the subtle differences between voy, vas, va, vamos and van you learn what it takes to run a camp like SASS. Count on doing some intern style work, but it’s worth every last second. After all, this is your office.

For more info on this program follow this link. And start working your parents for the funds now.

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