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Summer Rewind: Cool off alongside Jiberish and friends with “A Walk in the Park”

As the late June sun relentlessly beats down on us cold weather favoring individuals, it’s easy for the mind to long for a different kind of heat. Obviously I’m talking about the type of heat thrown down on hot laps with a brisk breeze whistling across the white-cased ground. While the chill of winter can be foreboding in the moment, when we’re without it, it can be as nostalgic a memory as any. What better way to backtrack into colder moments when the snow was fresh and the energy was ecstatic than with some of the smoothest stylin’ mofos in the game? Of course, I’m talking about Jiberish’s iconic “A Walk in the Park” segments. From Joona Kangas to Adam Delorme, the names listed here are some of the biggest in the biz. These rail greasin’, high flyin’, speed chasin’ snow wizards will, without a doubt, ease your mind and offer the most stylish solace from the summer sun. Here are five of our favorites.

Tom Wallisch2013

To tee things off, it’s only proper we begin with the OG sultan of style, the pretzel man, the king of after-bang, the infamous Tom Wallisch. In this flashback to the heavy hitting days of 2013, we find Tom laying waste to the hills of Breckenridge, Colorado. Stept Productions made a guest appearance and took over from behind the lens on this one, so know the camera work is going to be as crisp as it comes. It’s hard to ignore how impressive it is that while this was documented 8 years ago, Tommy W’s skiing is still just as fresh today. Hats off to the man who seems to be impervious to age.

Joona Kangas2021

Finland’s home grown cruiser Joona Kangas has made quite the name for himself in recent years. Two of the bigger projects of recent that Joona had a hand in, Lore Agency’s “Halcyon Days” and Keeshlife’s “Keeshfile 20“, were absolute hammers. While they were filmed with different stylistic choices, his skiing was immediately recognizable in both, and goes to show how innovative and unique Joona’s craft truly is. Nothing smears a smile across the face of a ski lover quite like watching someone flow without thought and make it look easier than breathing, and right here we have a prime example of just that. As the most recent “Walk in the Park” video to grace the internet, it seems to be a good sign of where the series is headed.

Sam Zahner, Calvin Barrett & Pete Koukov2020

The Colorado front range warriors that make up a good portion of Strictly’s street crew battle the wretched coronavirus the only way they know how; by destroying every jump, knuckle, and piece of metal in sight. Going from Keystone to Mount Hood over the span of a few months, it’s hard not to admire the dedication to finding snow amidst a pandemic summer. Keep your eyes peeled for a tophaloaf feature, performing his usual madness. The toast biting camera wizard Gavin Rudy worked his magic behind the lens for this one.

Adam Delmore, Pt. 22013

Welcome to your personal masterclass on style, speed, and air, delivered by one of the best to ever do it. Montana cowboy Adam Delorme has been in the game for quite sometime, and his video game caliber arsenal of clean cut and dialed-in tricks will serve as proof to anyone who watches. In his second “Walk in the Park”, Breckenridge and Mammoth Mountain serve as the targets of destruction for this mad man from the north. He’s easily one of the smoothest skiers to watch, and his recent videos with Faction, from compilation edits to film segments, are visual masterpieces. While he can often be found in the backcountry these days, make no mistake, AD can thrive and innovate on any terrain you drop him on.

Niklas Eriksson2014

Niklas Eriksson is another name that has been bouncing around the world of freeskiing for some time. The SuperUnknown VI champion and Sweedish National freeskiing captain can ride with the best of them. After all, he is the one the world trusts to give words of advice to Henrik Harlaut in the start gate, so you better believe his knowledge and dedication to the craft is as tip top as they come. Linking up with the 4bi9 crew in Park City, Niklas delivers one of the most tenacious park walks to date.

While these are our top picks, there are several more leisurely park strolls lurking in the depths of the internet, most of which can be found on the Jiberish Youtube page here. So if your hunger has yet to be quenched, have no fear, the search continues!

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