Steeze Ball

Steeze Ball

Hey their dudes! My names Meg… and I LIVE to ski!
Mom and Dad strapped me in a pair of skis at the age of two, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I grew up and still live in New York. My family and I would pile into the car on the weekends for day ski trips. When I turned nine we bought a condo slope side at Killington Vermont. I was on the Killington ski club when i was a little fella, and now at college were trying to put a ski team into the works. One day in the near future i want to move out west but for now im still in college in NY and skiing pretty much exclusivly in vermont. At the ripe old age of 20 I pretty much spend all my free time hitting up the slopes at our condo.
I want to be the next Lange girl because skiing makes me feel more free, happy, and totally relaxed. When I think about skiing my stomach drops and my legs tingle and I feel like I’m falling in love, and I want to share that joy and laid back happiness that skiing brings me with everyone. i really don’t know anything that makes me happier. The people you meet skiing are awesome the memories you make skiing are the best, everything is 10 fold better if you add skiing to the mix.
As a little guy I remember having a tough day of school and heading to the slopes with my mom for a little bit of night skiing, and totally forgetting about anything bad. I think the best talks I ever had with my Dad were on the lifts.
My favorite type of skiing is anything in the woods. I also love a good thigh bashing mogul run. But any day on the slopes is a good day.

I love skiing. If I had skiing, buffalo wings, and a good raging party to hit post-skiing I think life would be perfect. I’m fun, sweet, outgoing, and crazy; a die hard skier, and I want to be the next Lange girl, thanks dudes, now I have to go get a few runs in,

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