Soft Bumps; Powder; Any Moguls.

Soft Bumps; Powder; Any Moguls.

Seeker of “total-nowness” in the Holy ground of Moguls.
Where else can you go where FREESTYLE STILL MEANS IT?

You can find out any secret on the internet. Skiing.com or Freeskier.com have all the secrets on how the world elit athletes get into shape. So 6 days a week I do what others have done before me. It’s not rocket science it’s just alot of leg & core workouts. You can even get the United States Ski/Snowboard Association to send you their secret nija-world cup training techniques, on dvd’s. What a country!

mission #(1). Dry land training in Waterloo, Iowa at the Gym, is over, now on to Winter Park to get used to the altitude, and then compete in USSA Freestyle Mogul TEAM “selections” (Dec.2008) wow
mission #(2). Central Divisional Mogul Champion (Feb.’09).
mission #(3). Qualify for National Mogul Freestyle Championships (March’09).
mission #(4). Ski 80 days this year & keep my full time Nursing job.
mission #(5). Have a meeting with Tecnica’s top boot-guru & get the truth.
mission #(6). Clown-day adventure April 1st,’09 Park City. (soooo much fun)
misson #(7). Brag about my own purchaced ski boots to hundreds of strangers on hundreds of chairlift rides.That’s right, I Buy my own, so I gotta buy the best. AND I need to do it all with one pair of ski boots.(easy mission).
mission #(8). Ski with my family many times. Skiing is the ultimate family sport.
mission #(9). Video old school tricks in the half pipe
mission #(10). Go back to Corbet’s Couloir for some unfinished business
mission #(11). Dark Territory @ Winterpark,CO. “big Air mm-yummy”
mission #(12). Hook-up with olschool ski bum buddies,re-live the glory days
mission #(13). Hook up with Men’s Health reporter for photo-shoot &
magazine article on the 57 year old mogul skier, from Iowa!
mission #(14). Participate in Glen Plakes “Gunbarrel-25” enduro,
mission #(15). National Glande’ Jump Contest, April’09 Snowbird, Utah.
mission #(16). Landon-Mogul Contest; A’Basin,Colorado, Spring’09
mission #(17). Secret
mission #(18). Have too much fun, & find lots of Soft Bumps & ski lots of powder & start planning 120 ski days for 2009-2010 ski season.
That ads up to ten big road trips this season, I’m sure glad the gas prices have gone down, I’ll bet there are more ski bums out this year. Hope it snows more so we can get this party started. Look for the van with Iowa licence plates in the front row of the parking lot, loved to take a few runs with ya.

Hey, you know what? Ya just don’t see any – open to the public “Down Hill” races any more. I need one. Do you know of one?

Dear Expert-bootjack,
My legs are so bowed, when I ski into the halfpipe I look like a “knuckle-draggin-park-nazis. My outside edges are grabing, what should I do?
signed; IOWASKIP

so it is december and i have accomplished #1 mission. i am currently bumming around winter park & park city to get my ski legs back.limited conditions abound along with maximum sunshine. low pressure moving in. getting used to the altitude is slow. BUT ! let me tell you about the first powder day! winter park on the 4th & 5th. there’s nothing like being there when it’s being there. snoochy-booches.

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