Ski camps summer 2013: Momentum

Ski camps summer 2013: Momentum

Now entering its 22nd year of operation, Momentum offers the quintessential summer ski camp experience in Whistler, B.C. Fly into Vancouver and take a ride north where you’ll be put up at a hotel in the heart of Whistler Village. Each morning you’ll cruise to the top of the glacier where Momentum’s five lanes of terrain await. An abundance of jumps, rails and moguls are complemented by two jumbo airbags plus a private 22-foot halfpipe and an almost exclusive T-bar offering the fastest lap times. The elite coaching staff, with big names such as Wallisch, Kenworthy and Schiller, will work a full day with you on and off the hill to establish goals and raise your level of skiing.


After skiing all day you can choose from a number of activities to fill your late afternoon. Some of these include paintball, mountain biking and climbing as well as water ramp and trampoline sessions. These activities, as well as all your meals, are included in the full package price. The inclusion of dinner is especially nice as it’s hosted by various restaurants around the village each night.

Momentum will offer bonus programs at its third session of the summer. Girls Week will offer special instruction and activities focused on women, with one lucky lady earning a free session through the Spirit of Sarah Scholarship. The Exposure Film and Photo camp will also run during the third session and is perfect for people with aspirations behind the lens. Work with top name filmers and photographers such as Johnny Decesare of PBP and Blake Jorgenson to hone your skills and move toward a possible career in the industry.


Site: momentumcamps.com
Facebook: /momentumcamps
Twitter: @momentumcamps
Phone: 800-949-7949


SESSION 1 — JUNE 21 – 28
SESSION 3 — JULY 05 – 13
SESSION 4 — JULY 13 – 21
SESSION 5 — JULY 21 – 29 (Adults only)
*Ski-only sessions start at $1,445 CAD


Park and pipe: Tom Wallisch, Gus Kenworthy, James Woods, TJ Schiller, Mike Riddle, Justin Dorey, Alex Schlopy, Paul Bergeron, Alexis Godbout, Rory Bushfield, Matt Margetts, Mike Henitiuk, Corey Vanular, Peter Olenick, Riley Leboe, Josh Bibby, Dave Crichton, Roz Groenewoud, Megan Gunning, Anais Caradeux, Dania Assaly, Maude Raymond, Jess Reedy and more. *Coaches subject to change.

Moguls: Alex Bilodeau, Mik Kingsbury, Phil Marquis, Kristi Richards and more.

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