Six edits duke it out in the West Coast Session team video contest

Six edits duke it out in the West Coast Session team video contest

Following the West Coast Session 7—which invaded Mt. Hood from May 5-9, 2013—a total of six teams released edits in conjunction with the Camtrol/Ion Session Showdown video contest. Teams consisted of two videographers and a select crew of skiers; each group utilized features at Timberline Ski Area and Windells Camp, and had five days to shoot the edits. The fruits of their labor are posted below.

Through 8:00 p.m. ET on Friday, May 31, the public can cast votes for a favorite video. The edit that garners the most votes will earn the distinction of People’s Choice. The winner of the $4,000 cash prize (presented by Camtrol and Ion) will be determined by the collective group of West Coast Session skiers and filmers.

Without further ado, WCS representatives invite you to “sit back, crack open a beverage and enjoy almost a half hour of skiing edits featuring 48 of the world’s top freeskiers.”

West Coast Session 7: Team 9-5

Skiers on Team 9-5 include Andy Mcdowell
, Noah Wallace
, Noah Morrison
, Brady Perron
, Collin Collins, 
Tim McChesney
, Niklas Eriksson, Maude Raymond
 and John Ware. The video was produced by Evan Heath and Hennie vJ.

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West Coast Session 7: Team Vital

Led by videographers Matt Hobbs and Cael Jones, Team Vital athletes include Charlie Lasser, Karl Fostvedt, Ben Moxham, Lyman Currier, Noah Albaladejo, Cam Snyder, Joey Vandermeer and Jed Kravitz.

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West Coast Session 7: Team Proho

“With the help of Nicky Keefer, Steve Stepp returns from last year’s straight-air crash and gains the confidence needed to become a Proho. Unfortunately, Team Proho’s efforts fall short when the pros they are prohoing turn out to be just another group of amateurs.”

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West Coast Session 7: Team Epic Fail

Filmers Josh Finbow and Drew Lederer head up a team consisting of Corey Seeman, McRae Williams, Tim Sargent, Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, Taylor Seaton, Tim Gage, John Spriggs and Jamie Crane-Mauzy.

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West Coast Session 7: Team Home Movies

Starring Rob Heule, Jeff Curry, Jake Doan, Nicky Keefer, Kieran McVeigh, John Kutcher, Kristie Beavert, Will Wesson and Steve Stepp, this edit was produced by “Dad and Uncle Jeffrey.”

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West Coast Session 7: The A-Team

Shot by Cameron Payne and Jasper Newton, this A-Team edit features the talents of Pat Goodnough, Will Berman, Andy Parry, Lisa Zimmermann, Will Hibbs, Alex Dorszynski, 
Lucas Wachs and 
Derek Roy.

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