Simon Dumont vs. World Quarterpipe Record

Simon Dumont vs. World Quarterpipe Record

The cat is out of the bag, the rumors are true, it is going down… Simon Dumont is taking a 2nd crack at the world quarterpipe record this weekend at Sunday River.

After injuring his shoulder this January in his first world-record attempt at King of Quarters at Aspen Mountian, The Dumont is seeking retribution and the world record, currently held by Terje Haakonsen. As it currently stands, Simon will need 33 feet (off the top of the quarter) to shatter the record.

Many Sunday River locals have been speculating what exactly the massive piles of snow being blown on Aurora Peak were for. Their questions were answered this week when legendary jump maker, Frank Wells showed up to shape the massive pile of snow into what will become the stage for a world record attempt. As it stands, the quarterpipe is 90 feet wide and 30 feet high with a gigantic 46 foot tower containing carefully calibrated camera technology which will be used to measure precisely how big Simon goes.

Stay tuned to Freeskier.com this week for more news and to find out if Simon does in fact break this record and mark his name in the history books.

Good luck, Simon!

This is a private shoot, no spectators allowed.

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