SIA Snow Show Day 4: Another Huge Gear Gallery

SIA Snow Show Day 4: Another Huge Gear Gallery


The SIA Snow Show wrapped up today. We cruised around and snapped more gear-photos this morning before everyone went into packing mode.

Everyone is feeling super drained after four long days. The lingering effects of our epic party last night with Snow.com certainly didn't make it any easier on us this morning. Thanks to everybody who came out and joined us!

I pity everyone who had to stay this afternoon/night to break down the booths, clear out, and make way for the next trade show which comes to town tomorrow.

The Snow Show is a huge production, and more hard work than you can possibly imagine goes into making it all come together. Thanks to all those involved for their efforts, because this year rocked. Everyone we spoke with had positive stuff to report on the business front, and there was some sweet-as' gear floating around that we're anxious to put to use on the slopes.

Below you'll find the galleries from all four days at the show. Hope you see something you like! If you have any questions about some of the gear, post a comment down below and we'll get back to you.

Day 4 Gallery

Day 3 Gallery

Day 2 Gallery

Day 1 Gallery

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