Shredding Snow, Dirt and Everything in Between: Top to Bottom on Jackson Hole, June 21

Shredding Snow, Dirt and Everything in Between: Top to Bottom on Jackson Hole, June 21

This video popped up in my inbox this morning, and all I can say is, "wow." Pretty darn impressive for June 21. Plus, I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone ski dirt like Adam Osgood in the latter half of this video. You've got to see it to believe it.

I hit up Adam this morning to get the low-down on what it's like to ski at Jackson in late June:

One Tram lap on June 21, 2011, almost top to bottom skiing. Cody lap to Rock Springs with a little bush skiing. Filmed using r3 setting, 720 @ 60 fps.

Words by Adam Osgood:

Most people now are taking the tram back down, but we heard from a friend that it was possible to get to the bottom of Rock Springs. Since it was the first day of summer I figured we should do a top to bottom lap one more time.

As we were hiking up Cody, we had some much more intense lines with some nice little cliff drops in them; as we got closer we could see that every line had debris. So we had a nice mellow run down No Shadows (I think that's the name), and the run out was very bumpy. After we enjoyed a little pic-nick at the top of Break Neck, enjoying the beautiful view and weather.

I really wanted to ski a line down Breakneck but we didn't have a chance to scope it out first so we were not sure if it still skied through, plus it was getting hot out making for big wet slides. After lunch we had a nice cruise down upper Rock Springs, surprisingly still very firm and not too sticky. Near the bottom of the canyon the rocks started popping up everywhere and it was clear to us that some bush whacking was in order. After a little patch to patch skiing through thick woods we made it to the bottom of Rock Springs. From there we had a short hike/traverse cutting to the left out to the lower section of the Hobacks.

My buddy decided to save his skis so he hiked the rest of the Hobacks. I figured it would be a lot faster just to ski the rest. About two weeks ago I had a similar dirt line down the Hobacks so I knew what I was getting into. Pretty much once you start your dirt line you don't stop unless you hit a big sage brush, or crash, or reach the flats. Dirt/rock/bush skiing is a hard work out, more than you would think. The only thing I was thinking is just don't fall on the jagged rocks. Pretty much that was my day, not the most exciting lines or skiing but it was fun and a great first day of summer. Still looking to ski Break Neck if possible, would be kind of cool to say you skied that line in the summer.



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