Read about the cool, new tech employed in Shred Optics’ Bumper NOSHOCK™ helmet

Read about the cool, new tech employed in Shred Optics’ Bumper NOSHOCK™ helmet

When you crash, your cranium endures a combination of both linear and rotational forces, and neither of ’em are friendly. Linear forces come into play when your head collides with an object while moving in a straight line; rotational forces result when your head strikes at an angle. In recent years, many helmet brands have begun employing varying tech to combat rotational forces; take MIPS, for example—the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. A layer of low-friction material sits between the foam liner and outer shell via an elastic attachment system. The elasticity allows the inner foam liner to rotate independently around the user’s head during an impact. The few millimeters of movement helps decrease the rotational force absorbed by your brain. Every advantage counts when it comes to your dome.

Today, Shred is excited to unveil—as Brand Manager AJ Avrin puts it—”revolutionary tech that changes the way consumers can protect themselves from rotational acceleration impacts,” and “goes above and beyond what’s currently offered.” A full explanation of the new tech is provided in the press release, below. We’ll be keen to give ‘er a look at the upcoming SIA Snow Show in Denver. For those who are on-site at the Colorado Convention Center, you can have a look at Booth 3961. Stay tuned.


Press Release:

Huntington Beach, CA (21 January, 2016) – Shred Optics meets at the intersection of style and performance, and it is our mission to make athlete driven technological advances to further the performance and safety of our athletes. Our new helmet, the BUMPER NOSHOCK™ is just that. The helmet is a super tough, durable and NOSEASON+ low profile MULTI IMPACT EPP helmet featuring SLYTECH NOSHOCK™ linear acceleration absorption technology and INFINITE RAA™ rotational acceleration absorption system, which exceeds EN1077B, ASTMF2040, EN1078, CPSC, US Skateboard, and EU Watersports safety certifications.

Shred unveils its new Bumper NOSHOCK™ helmet with INFINITE RAA™

Our answer for rotational acceleration forces is our revolutionary patent pending INFINITE RAA™.

  • INFINITE RAA™ mimics the behavior of the fluid between the skull and the brain that provides some cushioning to the brain in case of an impact. It is the best yet, simplest system to absorb rotational impacts’ energy.
  • INFINITE RAA™ absorption system consists of a liner with built-in absorption units. These absorption units consist of very thin elastic layer and tacky surface attachments to the helmet inner element. They are engineered to redirect the rotational impact energy and allow a small relative movement between the helmet and the head when in contact with infinite impact directions. This way, the rotational energy transferred to the head is minimized and dispersed through the shell.
  • Infinite direction rotational energy reduction. No additional bulk. No additional weight. It is our patent pending solution to rotational acceleration impacts.

CMO, Federico Merle, commented on the product and technology, “At SHRED we always push ourselves, our team of amazing athletes, and our engineers to work together to find technology progression to enable our products to meet at the intersection of style and performance. The Bumper NOSHOCK™ does precisely that.”

Our market leading linear impact technology, patent pending SLYTECH NOSHOCK™ is also incorporated in our new offering:

  • SLYTECH NOSHOCK™ technology is a Honeycomb Cone Structure embedded inside a slow response EPP liner.
  • This structure is co-injected within a toughened EPP foam liner to provide a high structural strength, which dissipates impact forces multi-directionally.
  • SLYTECH NOSHOCK™ further increases the shock absorption efficiency of traditional EPS and EPP foam liners, reducing the transference of the energy of impact to the head.
    • Co-founder, and lead product engineer, Carlo Salmini said, “There are so many pieces of technical innovations in this product, and most importantly, we are able to offer progression concerning rotational acceleration forces with our INFINITE RAA™. Combined with SLYTECH NOSHOCK™ in the helmet, INFINITE RAA™ adds another element of protection without adding to the cost, weight, or bulk of the helmet. We believe that this new technology will set this helmet as the safety standard for years to come.”

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