Shane McConkey 1969-2009

Shane McConkey 1969-2009

Update 4/3: 10:45 am
Watch some of Shane’s greatest moments from Matchstick Productions’ “Focused”.

Update 3/31: 2:35 pm
McConkey Memorial Service Scheduled for Sunday
A memorial service for Shane is tentatively set for 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 5th at Squaw Valley USA. Please check this announcement for updates and changes.

Grief, loss, and hundreds and hundreds of joyful remembrances of an amazing and inspirational life prevail in the wake of Shane McConkey’s passing.

As Shane McConkey’s passing sinks into the ski industry and world beyond, the tributes, comments, photos and videos are overwhelming. The influence and impact of Shane’s life, and his death, is hitting the community in McConkey-like fashion: Huge. It is heartbreaking, in so many ways, for everyone who knew him and thousands of people who never met him – but were inspired by his actions. The full impact of this monumental loss to the skiiing community, the Lake Tahoe community and the literally thousands of people Shane touched in his 38 years is still undiscovered. But it reveals itself with each new heartfelt post we find.

The Shane McConkey Memorial Website is a wonderful outpouring of support for Sherry and Ayla and remembrances from people far and wide. Visit it at Shane McConkey Memorial Website

We’ve listed other memorial and tribute links that we’ve found helpful – and some of the news from ESPN and MSP as well. Let us know if there is anything else that we should link to help people remember Shane.

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