Sarah Burke Wins European X Games Superpipe

Sarah Burke Wins European X Games Superpipe

Gold Medalist Sarah Burke


L-R: Anais Caradeux, Sarah Burke, Devin Logan

Sarah Burke has done it again. We're not just talking about taking the gold medal in yet another X Games (her second consecutive), we're also talking about Sarah progressing the sport of Women's halfpipe skiing, once again. Not content with the same ol' run or the stock tricks, Sarah, like in Aspen at Winter X 15, came out guns blazing, showing the world what she is capable of. Anais Caradeux of La Clusaz, France has repeated her Euro X medal performance, this time grabbing Silver (she grabbed bronze at the 2010 Euro X Games). And first time European X Games competitor Devin Logan put down stylish runs on the reg to take home some Euro X hardware. The top three runs:

Sarah Burke – Sarah starts her run off with a big straight air on the left wall. She follows that up with a corked 900 (the only lady to fully cork her 900). Here Sarah drops an alley-oop flatpsin 540, the only female to land that trick in contest. Another straight air and alley-oop air later Sarah ends things off with a 720 and goes home with another gold medal. Watch Sarah's run here.

Anais Caradeux – The frenchwoman gets her run started off quickly by winding up the 900. After that she dials in an alley-oop air and nice 540. And alley-oop 540 then leads in to back-to-back straight airs, finally capping the run off with a 720. Watch Anais' run here.

Devin Logan – Skiing with a broken hand (fig a.), Devin, like Sarah, begins with a big straight air on the left wall. Here is where Devin begins to shine, where she drops into her first of two 540s, the first with a tail grab. After putting down a casual flare, Devin drops another 540, this time with the Japan air. After one more straight air Devin finishes her run off with a 720 as well. Watch Devin's run here.


Fig. a) Devin Logan's broken hand pole strap.

All three ladies we're going for it, but in the end, it was Burke's final run that came out on top. The field of eight felt light as two competitors were missing from the field: Jen Hudak and Brita Sigourney. Jen, last year's Euro X gold medalist, suffered a shoulder and minor knee injury in practice mere days ago while Brita Sigourney sustained a collarbone injury two days ago.

Coming in fourth place, for her second year in a row is Swiss Miss Virginie Faivre. While Virginie's amplitude might be lower than the top three, her style, back-to-back 540s and switch alley-oop 540 do her well. Keltie Hansen, making her first Euro X appearance, snagged the fifth spot with the help of her 900. Rosalind Groenewoud, who is just four weeks off a broken collarbone sustained at the final stop of the Dew Tour, visibly held back, but still managed to put down some great riding, sans her 900 that we're used to enjoying.


Burke, Alley-oop flatspin 540

Katrien Aerts, the oldest competitor of the lot tonight ended up in 7th place after her run that included back-to-back 540s and a 720, but might have lacked a bit in the amplitude department. And rounding out the finals today was Switzerland's Mirjam Jaeger. Mirjam's run included back-to-back 540s and a switch alley-oop 360 was also lacking in the amplitude category, thus keeping her score form reaching its full potential.

The sun was shining, the pipe was soft and the ladies put on a show for the Tignes crowd. But all good things must come to an end as the ladies closed out the X Games competitions for the skiers. A successful European X Games saw three new gold medalists, one repeat and a lot of amazing riding. Next stop, well there are a few. Some are off to La Plagne for the FIS World Cup halfpipe event, others are going to Nine Queens, Nico Zacek's event in Austria and some hav a break until the Dumont Cup in Maine.


Roz G. still has it.

Women's Superpipe Finals:

1 Sarah Burke — 95.33
2 Anais Caradeux — 93.00
3 Devin Logan — 91.33
4 Virginie Faivre — 87.00
5 Keltie Hansen — 83.00
6 Roz Groenewoud — 80.00
7 Katrien Aerts — 62.66
8 Mirjam Jaeger — 53.33
And what does this mean for the AFP rankings? Will Sarah Burke overtake the top spot? Will Burke crack the top 10? Will Devin Logan overtake the injured Sigourney and Hudak to take first? Will Roz G. stay in the hunt for first? All can be answered if you visit the AFP World Rankings page.

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