Sarah Burke timeline, September 3, 1982 – January 19, 2012

Sarah Burke timeline, September 3, 1982 – January 19, 2012

September 3, 1982 | Sarah Jean Burke is born in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

Winter 1987 | Sarah learns to ski and loves spending time at Horseshoe Valley, Ontario—especially in the trees and bumps—with her older sister and dad.

1998-1999 | All the time spent in the bumps when she was younger pays off and Sarah competes in moguls and upright aerials on the Horseshoe Valley team.

Winter 1999-2000 | Sarah enters her first big air competition in Le Relais, Quebec. She is the only female out of 22 competitors.

Spring 2000 | Salomon adds Sarah to its sponsorship roster while she is competing in Junior Nationals in moguls.

Spring 2000 | Captured on film by Michael Crichton, Sarah lands her first 1080 in Ste. Sauveur, Quebec, helping Sarah’s name spread through the ski industry.

Winter 2000-01 | Leaving moguls, Sarah travels to every contest possible and foreruns X Games big air.

Fall 2001 | Sarah scores her first film segment with Poor Boyz for the company’s film, The Game. With the exposure from the movie and X Games, Sarah receives the ESPN Action Sports and Music Award for Female Skier of the Year.

January 2005 | X Games 9 adds women’s superpipe, where Sarah takes home a silver medal.

March 2005 | Sarah takes home gold at the first-ever FIS Halfpipe World Championships in Ruka, Finland.

September 2006 | Sarah signs with Roxy for outerwear, skis and lifestyle clothing.

January 2007 | Sarah wins her first X Games gold medal in the superpipe.

July 2007 | Sarah wins an ESPY for Female Action Sports Athlete of the Year. She was the first—and only—skier to be awarded an ESPY and walked the red carpet at the Kodak Theater with fellow Roxy athlete Torah Bright.

January 2009 | Sarah wins her third consecutive X Games gold medal in superpipe, becoming the first female skier to three-peat, and the only superpipe female to do so.

January 2010 | Women’s ski slopestyle makes its X Games debut, after a years-long fight with sport organizers. During her contest run, Sarah crashes and breaks her back, knocking her out of contention for the season.

September 2010 | Sarah marries her longtime boyfriend, Rory Bushfield, in a ceremony held in their hometown of Squamish, British Columbia.

January 2011 | After coming back from an injury-plagued 2010 season, Sarah returns to the top of the X Games podium, becoming the only female skier to win four gold medals at Winter X Games Aspen.

January 2012 | Sarah suffers a crash in the superpipe at Park City, Utah, while training. She suffers a torn vertebral artery leading to intercranial hemorrhaging. Sarah succumbed to her injuries nine days later, on January 19, 2012.


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