Sammy Carlson Checks In

Sammy Carlson Checks In

FS: Hey Sammy, How is it going, where you at these days?
SC: Just chillin’ out in Hood River, Oregon, getting ready to head down to NZ next week.

FS: Nice. How was your time up on the Horstmann Glacier in Whistler this summer?
SC: It was sick, I usually ride up at Mt. Hood in the summer time but heard Whistler was going off so we headed up for three days of riding at Momentum and COC… had some nice sessions.

FS: How did you like it? And did you do any coaching, or just shredding?
SC: No coaching, just shredding, I was up there with Tommy Ellingson, and lil’ man Willie Born from Minnessssoda. We were all stoked, got to ride some sick jumps. Momentum has this crazy wall ride feature, one of the most fun features I’ve ever hit.

FS: So Trennon did right I guess. How long will you be down in New Zealand?
SC: Yeah Trennon’s the man! I’m leaving in a week and get back the 7th of September. It’s going to be a big trip, I’m super stoked to get down there. My ankle is finally feeling 100-percent. Stoked to learn some new tricks!! We will be filming when were down there every day so we’re planning on putting out a couple videos so keep your eyes out for those.

FS: We’ll be looking forward to those for sure. Have you got a pretty rigid training schedule while you’re down there?
SC:Yeah, definetly. Go to bed early and ski a lot.

FS: Sounds like you’ve got it figured out. Are you going to hit all those early season big airs in Europe and SF?
SC: I think I’ll be heading over to the Freestyle.ch with Salomon and I plan on hitting up the ICER air competition in San Francisco, that comp was pretty fun last year.

FS: So I take it you’re pumped and feeling pretty optimistic about this upcoming season, even this far out?
SC: I’m feeling good, for sure. I have been working out hard this summer putting a lot of energy into getting my ankle 100-percent, but mainly super stoked to get back on my skis and not worry about my ankle. Looking forward to next season, I have big plans on the competition scene and want to keep pushing my filming segments.

FS: A lot of people are excited about seeing your film segments this fall. Who all did you film with?
SC: I’m stoked, last season was my best yet. I filmed with Tanner for his new film The Massive, the name tells all… movie will be sick! Also filmed with PBP a ton for there new film Reasonz. And I worked with TGR for my first time this season, super stoked on their crew. I’ll have full segment with them and then a seggy in Warren Miller.

FS: Looks like you had a super busy season. Four movie companies is unheard of. It looks like you’ve got next year pretty much figured out then. Anything else up your sleeve?
SC: Yeah, I skied a lot last season, it was sick! As for next season, I’m just going to keep skiing hard, filming a ton. Salomon just hooked me up with a video camera for this new online video project I’m going to start soon. So everyone keep an eye out for some more edits from NZ and i hope every one enjoys this edit from up in Whistler, Couldn’t leak all the new tricks but theres a few in there.

FS: I guess we’ll all have to wait. We’re stoked on what you’ve been doing and hopefully your trip to NZ goes well.
SC: Thanks man, hope every one is enjoying there summer, but let that snow fall soon!

Sammy Carlson Shred Whistler In The Summer

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