Salomon Jib, er, Pow Academy went down this past weekend at Steven’s Pass

Salomon Jib, er, Pow Academy went down this past weekend at Steven’s Pass

Who says the park should close when it snows? Certainly not Chris Rudolph of Steven’s Pass or Jenny Naftulin of Salomon.

Even with snow falling sideways and chains required to make it up the pass, local jib kids were showing up by the dozens to participate in the final installment of the 2010 Salomon Jib Academy qualifiers held at Steven’s Pass this past weekend.

Not only were the kids rearing to go, coaches Mike Douglas, Matt Walker, Cody Ling, Tommy Ellingson and John Symms were just as psyched to teach big-mountain and powder techniques as they were rail and jump skills. And where better than Steven’s Pass, one of the most fun places to shred in-bounds pow in the northwest.

From the top of the high-speed quad, Walker brought his Red Army through chutes and trees complete with drops and plenty of snow to the top of the park and over five jumps and multiple rails and boxes… all in one run.

Douglas was often unable to be found in the park having taken his adventurers on powder expeditions making them 20 minutes late to lunch.

But wherever the jib academy jibbers were, rest assured they had a great time. From cinnamon roll eating contests to making bets on how many push-ups Nick Martini could do in a row (50) to judging their fellow competitors in the finals, no one goes home wishing they had stayed home from any jib academy; feet of snow or bluebird park day.

In the end, it was Trey Fornelius who wowed the rest of the participants and earned himself a trip to Mammoth Mountain in May to ski with the global Salomon pro team other Jib Academy stop winners. With a smooth nose butter 270 on to 450 out, he put his skills to work on the snow-covered down rail and took home the gold.

Catch up with Freeskier and Salomon in Mammoth this May for a week of fun in the sun.

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