Russ Henshaw Wins Red Bull Playstreets

Russ Henshaw Wins Red Bull Playstreets

February, 2009 – The resort as natural obstacle, a cheering crowd alongside the course and 20 distinguished new school skiers from 4 different continents – the spectacle was perfect. 10.000 spectators attended the Red Bull PlayStreets in Bad Gastein and apart from a stunning freeski show, they also witnessed the triumph of the Australian Russ Henshaw. Inspired by the witches’ cauldron, it was not only style and creativity but also steady nerves that lead to the success of the 18-year-old. The Austrian riders Tobi Tritscher and Fabio Studer completed the podium at the third edition of this unique contest.

“After having been second twice, I finally did it to the top – an awesome feeling!” were the first impressions of the overwhelmed winner of a brand new Suzuki Vitara, “the cheering crowd of spectators, the perfect atmosphere around here and this awesome course.” The Australian raised the level of tricks with his entry into the finals. He was the only non-Austrian who did it into the semi-finals and presented nerves of steel in his final Run. The Aussie elected himself for a worthy vanquisher in Bad Gastein with an impressive teaching lesson in causa new school skiing.

From the beginning onwards the Austrians lead the competition. They completed one 500-metre course after the other with the perfect mixture of acrobatics and style and let themselves carry away by the cheerful mood of the audience along the track. They brought Bad Gastein to the boil by reaching the ranks two to four. “Unfortunately I missed out on the Suzuki ‘cause I slammed,” mentioned Tobi Tritscher from Schladming, “but Russ has definitely deserved to win! I am super stoked by this contest.” Fabio Studer from Koblach (VBG) agreed: “I am super happy to having been able to participate in this contest. I wanted to reach the top three and due to this awesome atmosphere I really succeeded.”

Kickers, corners, road gaps and house roofs were only a few of the obstacles that had to be mastered by the twenty chosen and highly gifted freeskiers on the most remarkable European play street at the heart of Bad Gastein. To get the new school skiers from the ski slope into the centre of Bad Gastein more than 2000 cubic metres of snow and 85 cubic metres of wood have been manufactured into a unique spectacle out of natural and artificial obstacles during the last five weeks.


1)Russ Henshaw
2) Tobi Tritscher
3) Fabio Studer
4) Patrick Hollaus

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