Roxa: New Name, Trusted Product

Roxa: New Name, Trusted Product

The former manufacturer of the Raichle Flexon Comp and current manufacturer of Full Tilt, Rocca Group knows a thing or two about three-piece boots. That’s why after 25 years of working with ski boots, the Italian company decided to make its own.

Under the name Roxa (its pre-existing inline and figure skate company), Rocca built its flagship three-piece boots with a new internal footboard, new buckle configurations and a unique forward flexing tongue system.

In 2012, Roxa sought to expand distribution to the US and approached Salt Lake City, Utah-based 4FRNT Skis. After 4FRNT founder, Matt Sterbenz, visited the factory in Asolo, Italy (where most of the world’s ski boots are made), he was certain it’d be a worthwhile project to take on; thus, 4FRNT began distributing the boots in the fall of that year.

“It’s a new brand, but it’s from a well rooted factory,” says Sterbenz. “We really believe in the three-piece boot technology—the flexibility, the lateral rigidity but comfortable forward flex.”

Luis Vellella in Italy on his Roxa Boots

Luis Vellella slashing a big turn. Photo by Roxa Italy

What separates three-piece boots from traditional overlap boots is the separate tongue, which is supported in position by cables that reach from side to side and allow the boot to fold like an accordion. This act of collapse and rebound is what gives a three-piece boot a progressively longer flex range compared to two-piece boots. Roxa has seven core sets of molds that span 10 models of boots for men, women and juniors.

Freeriders will be especially keen to check out the freestyle series, offering boots with a shock-absorbing footboard that is injected with rubber, and textured to grip the sole of the liner, limiting foot movement and reducing “toe bang.” The pinnacle of this series is the Freesoul 10, with a flex rating of 100 and a 104 mm last, the boot is not only super comfortable, but also ideal for freeriding all over the front and backside.

Roxa’s touring boot line, the X-perience series, includes three models constructed in a true three-piece shell design. For skiers of different styles or abilities, the tongues can also be interchanged for fine-tuning of the overall flex.

“The tech binding supported toe and heel is injected into the shell, providing the critical support needed when edging aggressively on hard snow,” says Sterbenz. Another unique feature is there movable toe and heel soles that interchange between alpine and touring modes by use of bridge bolt inserts also integrated into the shell injection.

Roxa Boots in the backcountry photo by Wray Sinclair

Sloggin’ up the skin track. Photo by Wray Sinclair

“Other sidecountry-style boots force the user to remove the entire sole and heel lug to interchange tech supported soles for alpine,” says Sterbenz. “Our boots come already integrated.”

In addition to the flagship three-piece models, Roxa also offers a full range of two-piece, overlap shells. Advanced skiers who prefer this shell type will appreciate the Bold series and the Bold 120 in particular. As with many of Roxa’s boots, Intuition liners come standard for a comfortable, performance-oriented fit and a grippy midsole helps keep you on your feet as you climb through the rocky peaks to your favorite line.

Since 4FRNT took on the distribution of this vast line two years ago, the company has also gotten involved with product consultation and development. Distribution of the boot has been climbing steadily and Roxa will undoubtedly continue to pop up in an increasing number of retail outlets as the good news spreads.

Roxa X-Face

Roxa X-Face Ski Boots 2015

“Designed for excursions in the backcountry, the three-piece Roxa X-Face ski boots have nonskid rubber between the heel and toe for added grip on rugged scrambles…” Click for full review.

Roxa Freebird 8

Roxa Freebird 8 ski boots 2015

“One word to describe the Roxa Freebird 8 ski boots? Butter. Slightly softer than the Freesoul, the Freebird is a perfect tool for making the jumps, rails, and schoolyard…” Click for full review.

Roxa Freesoul 10


“Spin, flip and stomp first, ask questions later. The Roxa Freesoul 10 ski boots are back to conquer the mountain with old- school athletic styling, a new buckle design to increase heel hold…” Click for full review.

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