Gallery: Rory Bushfield tosses skis from plane, skydives into Whistler backcountry

Gallery: Rory Bushfield tosses skis from plane, skydives into Whistler backcountry

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Rory Bushfield, a.k.a BushyWayne, has a mind like no other. He’s always looking for a good time, whether it be a challenge or a stunt, but anyone involved is guaranteed to be fully entertained.

For about a week, Dan Treadway, Logan Pehota, Bushy and myself had been shooting in the Whistler backcountry with a crew from Oakley. Bushy figured it would be pretty awesome to skydive onto the glacier and meet us for some skiing. We agreed, but weren’t quite sure how it was going to work. A few days later, Dan, Logan and myself were back up near the Pemberton Ice Fields, with a loose plan involving Bushy jumping in with his ski gear from 13,000 feet. We made a call from the satellite phone and left a message on Bushy’s voicemail with our coordinates. We weren’t sure what could come of it, but we were dealing with BushyWayne, so if anyone could make it happen, it was him.

About an hour later, we heard some chatter on our radios. It was Bushy, and he was in the plane, about five minutes away. It was game time. He flew by to get a visual on us at the end of a small glacier. They flew in low, 50 feet off the deck, and dropped a pair of skis from the plane, which landed perfectly about 100 feet from us. Dan grabbed them as the plane looped around again. The next drop was a package with three small parachutes attached. It was our order, an eight pack of Old Style beer. They were ice cold and came in for a smooth landing, unscathed.

We could hear the plane powering up and climbing to 13,000 feet. With a few clouds in the sky, we lost visual a few times, but as they got closer to the drop elevation, the sky was clear. Out jumped BushyWayne, and after a quick free-fall his chute opened clean and he flew towards us. It was windy, and he got within a few hundred feet of us. We started up our sleds and got a little closer. His feet touched the snow and high fives were immediately thrown around and beers were cracked in celebration of another BushyWayne adventure.

We skied for the rest of the day and stacked shots all while Treadway towed Bushy around the mountains on his sled at full speed. Back at the parking lot, people got wind of what went down that day, resulting in more high fives and many beers being consumed. I wonder what will happen on the next adventure with BushyWayne? Time will tell.

How’s that for a day on the glacier?

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