Rock The Vote – Register today to choose the next President

Rock The Vote – Register today to choose the next President

Thinking about the price-tag on last season’s double femur fracture and wondering why health insurance costs so much? Wondering if and how we are going to stop global warming? The single best way that you can assert your identity on the Planet Earth and weigh in on these problems is to vote in the upcoming election on November 4th.

This election is probably the most important that we’ve ever lived through and there are many complicated issues in the balance. Luckily voting is easy and there is no excuse not to do it. In fact, the folks at www.rockthevote.com have made it so brainless that a retarded pit bull with hemorrhoids could figure out how to do it. The kicker is that you may only have until October 6th in many states (in many states like Colorado in which the presidential race is remarkably close) to meet the registration deadline.

Go to www.rockthevote.com right now!

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