Rippin Ski Patroller

Rippin Ski Patroller

I am a mountain girl, the real deal!

I don’t just play in the mountains, I live and work here too! I average 6 days a week skiing from opening day straight through and past closing day, and I usually only take a day off to go to town to buy food, oh did I mention town is 45 min away! I love living in the mountains!

In the winter I am a professional ski patroller at Crystal Mountain in Washington and in the summers I am a rock climbing / backpacking and white water kayaking guide for a YMCA youth summer camp. Originally from Massachusetts and an east coast skier from the start I learned to race and shred on the ice. Now as a patroller I ski it all, and I ski it everyday!

As a patrollers I save lives, do avalanche control, and ski the steep and deep! It is in my job title! In the summers climbing and backpacking take me all over the country while I pry for an early winter in Washington!

I went to college to be an event planner but as much as I love planning large parties with gourmet food, I couldn’t be away from the mountains for that long. So I turned in my business suit for a pair of fat powder skies and a climbing rack and I’m back doing what I love, loving what I do.

A few fun facts about me:
* I am a licensed blaster in the state of Washington. Yes I throw bombs for avalanche control!
* I took many culinary classes while In college and studying for 7 months In Switzerland! So yes I love to cook!
* Everyone In my family has a name that starts with a “J”
* my favorite beverage after a day on the hill Is a big glass of Orange juice, although a beer Is nice too!

I should be the next Lange girl because I work hard and play even harder! I live with 10 other patrolers in a house at the base of the mountain! We ride every day, working or not, fresh lines off the backside or groomers! We live to ski and I want to share my love of the sport and of the wonderful company of Lange with the world!

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