Ride a Patch of Snow for FREE at Mount Snow

Ride a Patch of Snow for FREE at Mount Snow

As many of you East Coasters may already know, Mount Snow is open, well kind of. Though they have yet to officially start up their lifts for the 2008-09 Season, on October 20th, Mount Snow’s team of snowmaking experts opened up “Launch Pad” for FREE, allowing all those Vermont park rats to get an early taste of jibbing glory.

The Canyon quad, freshly murdered out this off season.

Luke Stafford of Mount Snow filled us in on some juicy details about this monumental event, and said that there were about a couple dozen riders that showed up, including some college kids and even a TV crew. While a little patch of snow with some rails on it may seem pretty lame to the average freeskier in Colorado or Utah, to us born and bred on the East Coast, any snow this early in the season is pretty sweet. We’ll take what we can get.

So, what’s next on the agenda for the Mount Snow crew? They’re going to continue their snowmaking efforts on “Launch Pad” and will open the learning center lift sometime in the very near future. As the air gets colder and winter begins to roll in, their snow guns will work around the clock until they have runs “Canyon” and “Standard” open to public. The crew is confident that they’ll have a full park up and running by opening day, as well.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Mount Snow’s opening will be the unveiling of the new Carinthia park, a massive 95-acre area that will include 12 terrain parks and 125 features. But it doesn’t stop there. They’ve equipped the base lodge with a larger outdoor deck, lots of lounge areas, free wireless internet, outdoor fire pits, and sleek flat screen TVs. There will also be a snowskate park, skate ramp, and a hikeable park surrounding the amazing new lodge. But, even with all the new additions, Carinthia wouldn’t be complete without the triumphant return of the Inferno park, the very place where the 2000 and 2001 X-Games went down. As for all the pipe fiends out there… I’ve got good news! Not only will Carinthia boast a colossal superpipe with 18-foot walls, but with the Dew Tour coming up on January 8, the park crew will have to work extra hard to complete in enough time. So, expect to be riding pipe around the Holiday season. Thank you Dew Tour!

There you have it. Carinthia is more than just a gigantic park, it’s a pretty much a freeskier’s paradise. And, based on Mount Snow’s obvious determination, it won’t be too long before you can experience it for yourself!

To check out more detailed info about the new Carinthia park at Mount Snow, visit [https://www.carinthiaparks.com www.carinthiaparks.com].

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