Rejoice Connecticut! You are now able to ski

Rejoice Connecticut! You are now able to ski

It is what it is. And what it is, is a small patch of snow at Woodbury, Connecticut, courtesy of Rod Taylor, the owner of Connecticut’s Woodbury Ski Area. Taylor has been a lightening rod for controversy in the past, when he’s made some interesting claims about being the first ski area in the east to open. This year, he is – at least by his own standards – a bit off the back. But regardless of what you think, there’s no doubt that the snow guns at Woodbury have created a miserly patch of snow and that there is a rope tow to get you to the top. In other words, Woodbury ski area is open for business. Better yet, Taylor has set up eight features so you can get your jib on. So, all you members of the Connecticut posse now have a reason to get out of the house, put your boots on and go skiing. Mammoth it ain’t, but who cares, because life could be worse. You could live in Texas.

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