It all started with one ill-fated jump back in the spring of 2005-2006. At a small east coast mountain, I landed sideways dislocating my shoulder. This ended what was left of my season. Being an already successful year, I wasn’t deterred and only looked forward to next season.
Fast forward to now- October 12th, 2008. Over two hundred more dislocations, two surgeries equaling to two wasted seasons later, I sit here (now in Salt Lake City) lucky to lift my arm above my waist. Currently rehabbing from the latest surgery, the doctors tell me I will be one hundred percent by late December. I don’t doubt this… it may be because they’re joint specialists or its the two screws and endless amounts of dissolving stitches that are temporarily holding my tendons and bone together as it heals. Regardless, near the end of December, the season begins. My season begins.
Strapping into my ski boots, now going on their seventh season, and clipping into my skis, I will be ready to progress my level of riding in the park and back country alike. Now instead of a 300ft. east coast hill, I have mountains with the best parks, snow and terrain. This is my season to complete my mission. My mission is to reach a level of riding that I can look back on with a feeling of total self-satisfaction. A feeling that can only be brought about by a level of determination that was restricted by injury for one too many seasons. This winter I will be traveling with my friends to new places over many states pushing myself taking advantage of every opportunity. I have the mind-set and potential to complete my mission, but with a little help I know I will achieve this. My mission is redemption.

Here is the video of the jump where I first dislocated my shoulder.

UPDATE: Pre-season hike up Snowbird

Made the first few turns of the season! Sure it was down a beginner trail and I was taking pictures more than skiing, but that’s what I wanted. My shoulder is still too weak to do anything serious so this was a fun day where I got to bring some friends out for a hiking tour on part of Snowbird. Check out some of the pictures below.

UPDATE Dec. 5-6th: 3rd-4th day of skiing at Park City. Beautiful blue bird skies and with my shoulder experiencing no pain and 70% strength, I decided to start hitting rails again. Slowly getting back my 270 fs/bs off rails and attempting bs switch up. Really fun day with fun vibes with our friends who were riding and coaching.

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