Q&A Wednesday with Momentum’s Trennon Paynter

Q&A Wednesday with Momentum’s Trennon Paynter

Trennon Paynter is ready to get back on his skis this summer and stand atop the Blackcomb Glacier in Whistler. Paynter is known as one of the best halfpipe coaches in the world and is a head coach at Momentum Ski Camps. A former Olympian and world cup mogul skier, Paynter now coaches the Canadian Halfpipe Team, which includes Sarah Burke, Mike Riddle, Justin Dorey, and Roz Groenwoud. The summer camp veteran spent a few minutes with us to talk about what he has been up to in the off season, what summer camp is all about, and what’s new at Momentum.

Coach Trennon Paynter shows his super coaching powers.

FS: What have you been up to so far this off-season?
TP: I’ve been all over, having fun. Have done some surfing, dirt biking, and mountain biking. Just staying active and trying to have fun before I can get back up on the hill.

FS: With camp on the horizon, what are you excited about this summer?
TP: Well, here in Whistler we have a ton of snow! There is a possibility that our lane could be the best it’s ever been. It is also exiting, though, because who doesn’t like to ski in the summer? Camp is just a good time where you meet new people, do fun activities on and off the hill, and learn from some of your favorite pros. Plus there is always some adventure and surprise!

FS: What does Momentum have going on this summer that we should be excited about?
TP: As usual we have an amazing coaching staff. TJ Shiller, Sarah Burke, Rory Bushfield, Josh Bibby, Ian Cosco, Mike Riddle, Colby West, Roz G, and more will be on hand this summer to help kids learn new tricks and just hang out on the lane. We are also excited because this year we have Chis Turpin building our park. Along with being a coach, a pro, and a skilled craftsman and jump builder, he’s got big plans for our lane, so we are excited about that.

We are also excited for some of our special events like our girls week where Sarah and Roz are going to hold it down for the women. Plus, we are trying to have our first-ever water ramp contest.

FS: Do you have any favorite off-hill activities? What do campers tend to like the most?
TP: I personally enjoy hitting up the Whistler bike park. It’s world-class and a great time. You can find Rory and I there almost everyday when we get off the hill. Other than that, though, campers love paintball. They also really get into water ramping because they can land on their noggin and still be OK. No matter what off-hill activity you do, it is just fun to get off the mountain and do something else that is awesome.

FS: What should the first-time camper expect out of summer camp?
TP: They should expect to have an awesome time. I mean, where else can you make new friends, be coached by your favorite pro, ski, do fun off-hill activities, and chill? Summer camp is a great opportunity and paradise for skiers.

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