Q&A Wednesday with Ian Cosco aka Chug

Q&A Wednesday with Ian Cosco aka Chug

Thanks to the wonders of technology and cellular service Ian Cosco aka Chug aka the maker of everyones favorite web series Chug Life, caught up with us while coaching kids at the Whistler water ramps for Momentum Ski Camps. He filled us in on his summer thus far, gave us a a Chug Life update and told us why he’d want to be stuck in a cave with TJ Schiller for a week. Check it out.

Chug’s beautiful mug

What are you up to at the moment? Besides watching kids huck their bodies into the water?

(laughs) I am just hanging around Whistler at the moment. Waiting until I can move into my new place.

Oh nice, a new place. Where will you soon be residing? Did you buy or are you just renting?

Oh man I wish I could buy, but that will come later on. I just signed a one year lease for a place at Bayshores in Whistler with Riley Leboe and Sean Pettit. I’m super stoked!

Chug GTS (getting the shot) all day!

Sounds like that should be a fun house. Do you have any other plans this summer besides hanging in Whistler? Any travel plans?

I’m not looking at traveling too much actually. I am trying to save cash, gonna get a job and keep flying my plane as much as possible. Gotta stack them hours for my commercial license.

Sweet, how long have you been flying? What sparked your flight interest?

I’ve been involved with flying my whole life, my father, his father, and my mothers father were all pilots and my father continues to fly today. He got me into it when I was a wee one.

I’ve been flying though for about four years and plan to continue it as a profession, after skiing of course.

I guess will just have to start calling you Captain Chug. Speaking of flying… give us the low down on Chug Life. After a long year of filming, a broken camera and lots of editing can kids expect Chug Life to return next season?

Yea I’d like to continue the series for sure! It is surprisingly a lot more work than people expect, you never know when something hilarious is going to happen, and it’s really hard to anticipate other stuff. So, I either film EVERYTHING which makes for hours and hours of logging and capturing, or I don’t film much at all and try to guess what’s going to be Chug Life worthy.

The latest in video camera technology

Understandable. I’m sure kids are going to be on the edge of their seats waiting for the new Chug Life season to drop. Anyways, besides flying and creating a world-class web series, do you have any plans for next season?

Nothing is set in stone yet for next season really. Hopefully Dew Tours, X Games and Euro X Games again, but I’d like to get out on my sled more and get some BC shots for sure. That was one thing last season lacked for me.

Pow skiing is fun. As many of us in the freesking world know, you brought home JOSS gold to Canada. Are you now a national hero like Alex Bilodeau?

(laughs) I don’t think we are quite on the same level as Bilodeau, he was just here coaching at Momentum and got a few more autographs done than us. But some people think we are cool.

Very nice. What is your opinion on all the triple madness that has recently surfaced?

I think the triple madness is insane (laughs). It is supper cool that people are doing what was completely unheard of a few years ago, but I don’t know if contest are ready for double flip, double flip, triple flip runs.


Yea that would be a lot of flipping. Last question if you were stuck in a cave for a week, who would you want to be stuck with, Dumont, TJ, or Colby?

I’d have to say TJ, just because he is one of the three best friends that anyone could EVER have (laughs).

Any shout outs?

Of course, the typical shout outs to all my spono’s (Atomic, Monster, Scott, Saga, Jiberish, and Skullcandy) and family of course! And let’s give a shout out to Joe Schuster just because (laughs).

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