Q&A Wednesday with Dale Talkington

Q&A Wednesday with Dale Talkington

For those of you who aren’t in the “know,” get to know this name: Dale Talkington. The Vermont-native has a style smoother than Mr. Clean’s head and has been throwing down from Okemo to Mt. Hood.

Now residing in Salt Lake, Talkington hopes to make the rounds on the competition circuit this season, do more filming and get more hot chick friend requests on Facebook. Check it out.


Name: Dale Talkington
Age: 18
Hometown: Weston, Vermont
Sponsors: Orage, Electric, Phil Park

photo: Matt Stauble


Dale Talkington isn’t your every day normal name. How many nicknames do you have with a name like that? What are they? 

I actually do have a lot of nicknames. It gets confusing sometimes. Some of them are dtalks, snacks, dtox, dt, talkallot, weather bee, and there are some others, too.

What do they put in the water on the East Coast? Seems some of the most stylish skiers are coming from the East Coast: Wallisch, Ahmet, Dumont, you. Tell us a little about the East coast ski community? Who would win a epic ski battle of East vs. West?  

I’m not sure what there putting in the water, but it must be something. The East Coast is a great place to grow up skiing, I had so many amazing memories there. The park I skied at for 12 years was not even comparable to Keystone or parks out West. I would just work with what the mountain had and try to get good on every feature. Plus, I skied with four of my good friends everyday, just lapping as much as possible no matter the conditions, which always made it fun.

People have claimed you may be one of the stylish skiers in the game. Where/who do you look to for style inspiration? Do any other sports inspire you? 

i have always looked up to Tom Wallisch, Liam Downey and Mike Hornbeck’s style, they all have a unique style that makes there skiing so enjoyable to watch. Also, snowboarding definitely inspires me, they are always doing crazy taps and rail tricks, so I try to incorporate that into my skiing as well.

photo: Matt Stauble

I hear you may be coming out West. Where out west? Are you pumped for a change of scenery or just to get away from your parents and not have them hounding you about eating to much junk food and getting in after curfew?

[laughs] Yeah, I just recently moved to Utah to four weeks ago to attend the University Of Utah.

I’m planning on doing one semester of school then taking the winter semester off and focus on skiing. Overall, I’m pretty stoked about the move. It is going to allow me to ski more then I ever have before and at some of the best resorts around. Plus, I was definitely excited to get out of my house.

What are your plans for this upcoming winter? Comp domination? Backcountry pow? Urban shenanigans? Or something so secret you can’t even tell us?

My plan for this year is to really to try and do as much competing as I possibly can. I plan on going to the Winter Dew Tour qualifiers and hopefully making it into that. The Aspen Open, Dumont Cup, European Open, Mt. Snow Open, Grand Prix, and anything else that I can do. In between those I am gonna spend my time doing some urban “shenanigans” and pow riding.

Your web edits have been spreading like a virus on Freeskier, Newschoolers and even Facebook. Are you getting tons of request from hot chicks to be your friend on Fb because of your pimp ski skills or just a bunch of creepy kids?

I’m getting a reasonable amount of hot chicks requesting, definitely could be more, though! I would say more creepy kids then hot chicks right now, but I’m hoping that changes.

photo: Matt Stauble

If you could pick a dream crew and session any park. Who would you pick and where would you go?

I would choose the boys at 4bi9 and the Level 1 crew. Combine those two groups with hitting a perfect table somewhere insane like Alaska without stress or worry and it’d be awesome.

What music is playing on your iPod these days? Any recommendations?

Lately I have been listening to Wiz Khalifa, Pretty lights, Pantyraid, Hathbanger, Az, Cali P, Sts9… people should bump those artists.

What are your goals/aspirations for this winter? Do you have a checklist made up or are you just going with the flow?

One of my big goals this winter is to make it onto the Dew Tour. Last year I got hurt the day before the qualifier, but this year I will hopefully be healthy and ready to charge. Also want to get a full segment with 4bi9.

You filmed with a few crews this year. Do you have plans to lock in with one crew this season and lock down a solid segment or do you want to keep that Lil’ Wayne mindset and just collaborate with as many people as you can? 

Yeah, this year Im determined to film a full segment with 4bi9. Now living in Salt Lake it’ll be much easier to film, and I may film with someone new if I have the opportunity.

photo: Shay Williams

Would you rather see someone throw a smooth cork 5 tail or a double? Why?

Depends. A Cork 5 tail grab is one of the sickest looking tricks you can do on a jump, so normally I would like to see the cork 5 tail grab. Unless it is a sick, styley grabbed double.

Give us the definition of your perfect ski day. What is it?

Skiing with all my good friends and lapping the park on a bluebird day. There is nothing better.

Any shout-outs?

Yeah I want to thank my parents, Zach Davison, Chris Marks and all my sponsors.

***Special thanks to Matt Stauble for the photos.

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