[Q&A] Simo Peltola Joins Icelantic Skis, Adding To The Brands Growing Freestyle Team

[Q&A] Simo Peltola Joins Icelantic Skis, Adding To The Brands Growing Freestyle Team

Featured Image: Michal Prouza | Skier: Simo Peltola

Icelantic Skis has announced they have added one of Europe’s most stylish riders, Simo Peltola, AKA Speldo, to the roster. With the remake of their award winning Nomad line, the brand has made moves recently to expand beyond the backcountry and all-mountain categories for which they’ve garnered an outstanding reputation. With the addition of Peltola, they’ve added another key player to their team, and continue to bring their expertise to a whole new audience. If he wasn’t already on your radar, there’s no doubt that Speldo will be one of your favorite riders to watch from here on out. His creativity speaks volumes, as he has found ways to break outside of the box that can sometimes accompany formal competitive freestyle skiing. It’s impressive, especially considering his history of competing with F.I.S. To say Icelantic is excited about the new addition would be a massive understatement.

With the long awaited revamp of the Nomad line finally coming to fruition, we could not be more psyched about Simo joining our team. Between his unique style, world class talent, and his genuine excitement, we can’t think of a better person to be flying the Icelantic flag in the freestyle world. We’re proud to support him as he continues to push the creative boundaries of freeskiing, and has damn good time doing it.– John Douthit, Global Operations Manager at Icelantic Skis

He won’t be the only park-oriented rider toting Icelantic Skis on his feet this season. While they might not be the first company that comes to mind when you think of shimmering rails or pristine booters, they are surely working their way into the conversation. Peltola joins the likes of Calvin Barrett, Sam Winship and Parker Norvell as the freestyle minded skiers on Icelantic. But with all the options out there, we wanted to know, what drew Peltola to Icelantic? Their planks have long stood out to countless riders around the Rocky Mountains, but how did this Finnish born Freestyle guru find his was to a Colorado ski company? With no time to waist, FREESKIER hit up Peltola to get his thoughts on becoming the latest member of the Icelantic team.

Thanks for talking, Simo. What intrigues you as a skier and a person about joining the Icelantic Team?

The idea with Icelantic sparked after trying out my friend’s skis and instantly liking them, so shout out to Oli for that. I found myself preferring his skis over mine and saw the potential for Icelantic in the park scene. Icelantic’s underground vibe in the freeski scene makes it a bit of a mysterious move, which I like. It’s a brand that I can see myself growing with, and I enjoy taking my own route.

What’s your personal favorite Icelantic ski? Are there any models you have yet to try but want to?

My favorite pair of skis is definitely the new Nomad 100s. They’re just a perfect everyday ski for me. I used to ski on a 91mm wide [underfoot] almost full rocker ski, which was fun but tough in icy conditions. The 100mm offers a playful feel with enough rocker to get that feeling of freedom while being stable enough in wintery conditions thanks to the 4mm camber. They also float better in slush, so it’s a win-win for sure.

I’m interested in trying the backcountry skis Icelantic has to offer. I have a pair of the new Nomad 112s but haven’t had a good day to test them yet since I got them pretty late in the season. I’m for sure going to try those skis out properly as soon as I get the chance! I’m also hyped to try the Nomad 106s as well, which should be a good hybrid for side country, park, and spring backcountry jumps. 

We first saw you post on a pair of Icelantic skis earlier this winter. What are your impressions after riding the Nomad 100 for a few months?

I started riding the Nomad 100s last September in Cardrona [New Zealand]. At first, I had to adjust to the wider ski and larger turn radius. We were at a national team camp so I mostly used the Nomad 95s for big jumps since they were more similar to my previous skis. Initially, I thought the 100s might be too bulky for bigger tricks, but at the Copper Big Air, I decided to try them and I felt complete. The swing weight was perfect, and I had no problem doing 16s with them. The new thinner tip and tail made spinning more fluent, and maybe even faster.

Originally, I used the 100s for cruising, but they quickly became my daily drivers. Every day on them has felt just right, and I’ve caught myself smiling while skiing down the hill. In November, I posted my first clip skiing with Icelantic, which was nerve-racking since I was known for skiing Augment. Thankfully, the feedback I got from people was supportive, and making it official with ecook was the perfect way to announce the switch.

Peltola’s official welcome video, created by the talented ecook.

How does the ski cater to your style in the park? 

The ski gives me more confidence going big and fast while still being playful enough for pretty much everything, even goofing around on small obstacles and doing butters on flat surfaces. It also makes skiing in icy conditions much more enjoyable.

What’s one trick that the ski does exceptionally well? 

My favorite maneuver is hopping on the tips on flat and stalling for a second. They provide perfect support, staying stable underfoot while mostly bending at the tip. Just butters for the soul! Also, they’re perfect for K-Fed’s.

Which skiers on the Icey team inspire you the most? How so?

I’m inspired by the Icelantic team as a whole. They have such a wide field of riders. I’m also hyped to pitch ideas for potential new European riders that could help spread the brand.

Icelantic is based out of Golden, CO. What’s your favorite resort in Colorado, and where would you love to go next?

I’ve been to Colorado four times. My first visit was for the 2021 World Champs in Aspen, which was also my first time in the [United] States. I then went to Steamboat for the Big Air World Cup in 2021, and I’ve been to Copper twice, both for competitions. I’ve never had a proper experience outside of comps, but I’d be hyped to go there just to ski and maybe film something. We’ve been talking about a potential pow trip one day, which would be the sickest!

What would be your dream project with Icelantic in the future? Who would you love to work with on it? 

I’d be so hyped on a signature top sheet, because I spend a lot of time designing graphics and it would be so rewarding to see my visions come to life. It would also be nice to pair that with a film part, maybe featuring backcountry jumps and hopefully some street skiing. I just need to practice my backcountry skills in private first [laughs]. I really like the way Keeshlife films their backcountry parts. It’s very raw without too much extra. That’s the inspiration, for sure! Hopefully in the future I’ll get a European crew together to film and share the Icelantic vision with a new audience.

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