Profile: Keri Herman

Profile: Keri Herman

This story originally ran in the October 2008 issue of Freeskier (V11.1). Words written by: Nicole Birkhold.


Age: 25
Hometown: Bloomington, MN
Sponsors: Salomon, Spyder, Scott, Jiberish, Breckenridge
Results: 1st, 2008 Aspen Open Slopestyle, Aspen, CO
1st, 2008 North American Open Slopestyle, Breckenridge, CO
1st, 2008 Mount Snow Open Slopestyle, West Dover, VT
1st, 2008 New Zealand Open Slopestyle, Wanaka, NZ
1st, 2008 Cardrona Games Slopestyle, Cardrona, NZ
6th, 2008 US Open Slopestyle, Copper Mt., CO
1st, 2007 Aspen Open Slopestyle, Aspen, CO
1st, 2007 Big Bear Open Halfpipe, Big Bear, CA
3rd, 2007 Big Bear Open Slopestyle, Big Bear, CA

Photo: Jay Micheffelder

Keri Herman burst onto the scene last year with some noticeable finishes around the country. This year, she turned even more heads by taking five first-place finishes and expanded her range to include podiums in the southern hemisphere. An incredibly friendly, down-to-earth chick who is as happy hanging out in Breck with her friends as she is cruising the comp scene, Keri Herman is never far from a good time.

Hey Keri, what do you like to do?

Hi, my name is Keri Herman, and I like to party.

So do I. I’m pretty sure that’s why Mike Douglas calls us the cougar twins. How does that make you feel, being called a cougar?

When we’re together, it makes me feel great ‘cause it’s funny and it’s fun. But when I’m by myself, I’m not that pumped. It’s not that fun. When I was in Idaho with Poor Boyz and Anna Segal was there, they were calling me the cougar and her my cub. I was like, God damn it!

You’re a bit older than some of the girls in the industry. Does that have its advantages?

It does kind of. Well, I don’t know, it could go both ways.

But you were able to finish school before you concentrated on skiing.

Yeah, that was very important.

Why did you choose to do that?

Well, I didn’t really. I kind of got into skiing while I was at school.

I assumed coming from Minnesota you would have grown up skiing a ton.

No, not really. I mean, I skied a little bit, but I focused on playing hockey in Minnesota. But when I came out to Colorado for school, I needed something to do so I skied almost every weekend. It became an obsession
when I moved to Colorado.

Compared to all the kids who grew up at academies like CVA, do you think growing up and going to school before concentrating on skiing was a benefit?

I think they’re both really beneficial. I didn’t even know about CVA or any of that stuff and I see kids in those programs and they have a really big advantage over other kids. But I don’t think they really realize the importance of a classical education. I mean, they do to a certain extent, but it’s not really emphasized as much. Where as, in my background, education is the most important thing. Which is good because once I was done with school, I was able to ski and have fun and joke around and not be serious about anything. But when I need to buckle down, I have my education to fall back on.

Photo: Erik Seo/PBP

So what advice would you give to kids trying to make that decision, either go to college or ski full time?

I think the kids that are doing the summer school thing in Boulder have it pretty figured out. They’re getting everything done; they’re going to school and skiing at the same time. And I think that’s so important. There are so many kids that are like, ‘I’m just going to ski. I don’t care about school.’ I think that’s stupid. There are ways to do both.

So what are your plans for the summer?

That’s a good question… I want to go to New Zealand again. I haven’t figured everything out but it will be my fourth year going down there. Just like I come back to Breckenridge every year, it’s just easy. I’ll be down there for like two and a half months. I like being down there the whole time or I get into trouble around here.

Speaking of Breck, how was living there this year and being able to ski with a bunch of girls?

It was awesome. So much fun. It was so fun being pushed by people on the same level. I had the best time. Finally having girls to associate with, travel with… it was a consistent group of friends that all went to the same places. We were the Breck posse!

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