We asked 43 pro skiers to name their favorite ski movie of all-time; answers are here

We asked 43 pro skiers to name their favorite ski movie of all-time; answers are here

A few months ago, we asked several pro skiers to name their favorite ski movie of all-time and give a reason why. Unsuprisingly, the classic Poor Boyz Productions flick Session 1242 came out on top with a whopping 22% of the votes. Rounding out the top five was McConkey, Propaganda, Royalty, and Claim. You can see what all of the skiers had to say, below.

Admittedly, getting answers from 43 people doesn’t necessarily give us the most concrete results, so we’re posing the same question to you, the FREESKIER audience in this recently posted poll. Take a look at what the pros said, then click here to vote for your own.

Joe Schuster

Session 1242, because it was when I was the biggest fan of skiing. It had an amazing soundtrack, mind-blowing skiing and it is still the only legit team video out.

Elyse Saugstad

It’s a toss up between Yearbook, Teddybear Crisis, and Believe. Yearbook, because it has Ingrid’s and Abma’s breakout iconic segments alongside McConkey introducing ski-base jumping to the world. I find myself rewatching that movie all the time. Teddybear Crisis because it has such a rad soundtrack and took backcountry booters to a new level. Believe because it revolutionized skiing. It made skiing and filming in stormy conditions the “thing to do.” It opened my eyes to the potential of pillow skiing and how difficult it truly is by showcasing Tanner’s impressive pillow-slaying skills.

John Kutcher

Honestly, one of my favorites from back in the day was Yearbook from MSP Films, That was the first year they did the Whistler heli-shoot. I remember being at the premiere and losing it seeing those slow-mo shots. It was wild.

Chris Logan

Idea. Pep. Pollard. Mahre.

Noah Wallace

Seven Sunny Days, because of the follow cam section with Colby James West and TJ Schiller.

Mike Hornbeck

I really liked The Bunch’s Far Out. It reminded me of old Alien Workshop videos that would get me stoked to skate.

Parker White

Wicked is maybe the best ski movie of all time. It had the sickest crew, was shot entirely on the east coast, and Neil Sotirakopoulos’s producing and editing was years ahead of its time. Idea also maybe is the best movie of all time. It was a completely new style of skiing, and all the custom tracks they used made for a really incredible vibe and piece. We used to play it on repeat my second year living in Mammoth. At all times you could hear Idea playing in the background. Oh yeah, The Background is the best movie of all time, too.

Cody Townsend

MSP’s Sick Sense. Shane, Seth, Alaska, New Canadian Air Force. It revolutionized skiing for me.

Tim McChesney

Session 1242. It was so far ahead of its time when it came out. Pep’s and Tanner’s parts are two segments that I never get sick of watching.

Sandy Boville

Level 1’s Refresh. Stacked riders and one of Josh Berman’s best!

Max Morello

That’s a tough one to call. I’ll say Realtime. So many heavy hitters in that one. Tom always kills it. Ahmet, Wiley and Hornbeck hold it down too. I just remember watching that movie before skiing when I was younger and it would get me so amped up.

Collin Collins

Session 1242. It had the best lineup of skiers and was just the most inspirational. Huge backcountry hits, switch pow stomps, Pep, Tanner…

Wiley Miller


Khai Krepela

My personal favorite is Happy Dayz. It was the movie that made me realize how cool skiing is. To this day it will get me more stoked than any other ski movie.

Beau-James Wells

Mutiny will go down in the history books.

Byron Wells

Session 1242. Because Pep’s segment was the best segment to date.

TJ Schiller


Matt Margetts

Session 1242! Why? Disagree with me and I’ll fight you!

Ian Compton

Strike 3. I had no idea what handrails were until that came out. Total mind blow.

Shay Lee

Session 1242. It seems like that is when freeskiing came into its own.

LJ Strenio

Session 1242 closely followed by Royalty and maybe Happy Dayz. So many game-changing segments.

Tatum Monod

MSP’s Push. That movie introduced me to the world of freeskiing.

Justin Dorey

Session 1242. It had an all-star line up and soundtrack, and it was the biggest year for skiing I can remember.

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa

It still goes back to Harvest, mostly because of the opener quote: “He chose to be rich by making his wants few, and supplying them himself.” I just love that.

Vincent Gagnier

PBP’s Propaganda. Jon’s killer segment, the friends segment, Vincent Dorion’s switch 900 tail in BC, Eric Pollard’s cork 3 at Hood, Boyd Easley’s switch rodeo 5 lead tail, and JF’s closing segment. All of that makes it the best ski movie of all time.

Sierra Quitiquit

McConkey. It’s inspirational, emotional and so real. It made my laugh, cry and want to be a more stoked human.

Aaron Blunck

The best ski movie of all time is Claim by MSP Films and second would be Everyday is a Saturday by PBP. Both of those movies were so innovative and sick!

Chris Benchetler

Tough question. Few Words probably takes the cake to get me psyched about skiing. McConkey was an incredible, beautiful look into our sport that showcased an amazing human. Hunting Yeti was epic due to its soundtrack, style, and editing, but since I ski with those boys all year every year and was involved, it’s a little too close to home kind of thing. Also, Idea, because it broke the mold.

Banks Gilberti

13. It was the real beginning of everything in my opinion. I still watch it regularly to this day.

Karl Fostvedt

Dick Barrymore’s Last of The Ski Bums. His films are timeless.

Keri Herman

Hot Tub Time Machine.

Sig Tveit

Making me pick one isn’t fair, but maybe WSKI106 because of Snoopkael and Lil’ Shoya’s part.

Nick Goepper

I would say the ski movie that had the most impact on my was Forward by Level 1. I got that movie as a free gift once for ordering a pair of goggles or something online. I watched it over and over and over again everyday when I got home from middle school. Dave Crichton’s part was so sick and definitely the segment to watch.

Michelle Parker

It’s Claim. I’m pretty sure it’s in the title. Or Something About McConkey, for obvious reasons.

Andy Parry


Ingrid Backstrom

I love MSP’s Ski Movie, because it was McConkey at his most amazing skiing, and Seth and Wendy crushing too.

Sean Pettit

Parental Advisory by Heavy Hitting Films. No question. I grew up on that shit. I had it on VHS and watched it every damn day. It had bank robberies, badass motherfuckers, and skiing. Watch the movie and you will know why it’s the best.

James Heim

I think The Blizzard of Aahhh’s would take it. There are so many inspirational ski movies, but that was one of the earliest ski movies I saw and it really inspired me at the time.

Jacob Wester

It’s a tie between Free Radicals II and Session 1242.

Devin Logan

The best ski movie I know is Wicked. It’s an east coast movie I grew up on.

Joss Christensen

Ski Movie III: The Frontline. It could be because it was the first ski movie I ever watched, but to me that was what really sparked my love for skiing. I could watch it every day.

Mike Riddle

Session 1242. It’s the movie that always made me want to ski more than anything.

Brita Sigourney

I think the McConkey was good because it really gave you a sense of how far skiing has come and how crazy the people who do it are.



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