Pro Kits: Torin Yater-Wallace’s Gear

Pro Kits: Torin Yater-Wallace’s Gear


  Skis: Armada Pipe Cleaner

  Boots: Nordica Hot Rod Pro 105 W

  Bindings: Rossignol FKS 140 L

  Jacket: Armada Atmosphere Armory

  Pants: Armada Mason Pant

  Goggles: Electric EG.5

  Helmet: Giro Shiv (Target painted)

  Gloves: Armada Eight Mitt (Target painted)

  Poles: Armada Legion Pole

  Face mask: Armada Ballerklava

  Headphones: Skullcandy Riot

Torin Yater-Wallace may only be 16, but he knows how to compete with the big boys. The precocious Aspen-native has two X Games medals and two Dew trophies in superpipe to his credit, along with a slopestyle podium at the recent Aspen/Snowmass Open. So despite his youthful years, Torin knows what he needs to ski at the highest level, take a look.

_l8j0063.jpgSince most of his competition year is spent in the superpipe, Torin trusts the Armada Pipe Cleaner. "The Pipe Cleaner is the best pipe ski in the world. I really enjoy how light it is and how the swing weight is significantly reduced by Armada's AR50 sidewall which combines sidewall and capped constructions," explains Torin. He mounts some Rossignol FKS 140 L bindings on them because they are "super durable and keep me attached to my skis at crucial times. Best binding ever."

Torin has an interesting boot choice in the Nordica Hot Rod Pro 105 W. "The boot I ride is a woman's boot. I ride it because it has a lower cut cuff on my leg which I really like. No matter how much crap I get for wearing it, it fits me perfect." Can't argue with success.

Torin wraps himself in the Armada Atmosphere Armory jacket Because "it's super warm and one of Armada's long fit coats, which I like." He couples the coat with the Armada Mason pant. "These pants have a nice baggy fit and at the same time aren't too insulated or thick. You aren't too immobilized when you're riding and stay super comfortable." And on those colder days, Torin drops in on Armada's Ballerklava head mask. And he caps off his softgoods with the Armada Eight Mitt. "I love these mittens. They are very warm, but thin enough to move your hands so you can hold on to all your grabs." Target has been nice enough to put their logos on them, also.

Ballerklava or not, Torin puts on his Giro Shiv helmet, which Target has been nice enough to paint for him as well. His eyes are shielded by the Electric EG.5 goggles as "it fits my face right and isn't too big." Often Torin puts in some Skullcandy Riot earbuds because "when I'm competing I like to be in my zone and not hear anything around me. With these headphones I can have all the noise around me cancelled out." And capping the whole setup off are his Armada Legion poles. "They are sturdy but light at the same time."

Follow Torin on twitter, @Torin_Wallace.

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