Praxis Skis Company Overview

Praxis Skis Company Overview

Inspired by the concept of non-traditional side cut and camber. Keith O’Meara owner and founder of praxis skis set up in his garage to design and make skis that larger companies had ignored. These skis were developed with the interest of real everyday skiers, not your typical race course, groomer, or recreational ski Instead a perspective new to the market…. skis built by skier’s for skiers. Praxis skis was born making skis that would stand up to abuse and perform well in the conditions and terrain that we skied everyday, not the same conditions the average weekend warrior experiences.

It was overwhelming the amount of interest and support that came along with introducing a new ski concept to the industry. Building these in my garage limited production and there was always a list of people waiting. Praxis skis was able to set up a factory in the Mountain town of Truckee, CA. The company has grown quickly with the support of a hardcore skier base. It became very obvious that there was support for more companies and change within the ski industry.

Suddenly there was an explosion of small ski building companies and with the ease of the internet it has been easier then ever to curb consumer interest towards these non-traditional designs brought into the market by lifelong skiers looking to break the glass ceiling of ski manufacturing. By selling directly to consumers we have been able to keep the costs down and pass those savings on. An advantage to a small company is the ability to make design changes quickly and get product into the marketplace, it also allows for a higher level of customization such as graphic, camber or flex choices. The internet has really made a difference in how consumers shop for practically everything but especially skis.

Praxis has since expanded it’s line of skis to over 9 different models from the traditional powder ski, big mountain models and terrain park & pipe skis. Praxis is focused on new industry ideas such as continuous curve rocker and non-traditional cambers. Skis built with these attributes just seem to float “they have a pivoty feel, so you can really slide them and carve them,” Praxis team rider Kevin O’Meara said. “The pivot doesn’t lock you in with one turn radius like traditional side cut would, and it’s much smoother for riding powder.”

Praxis Skis are built with precision and accuracy for the highest quality skiing experience possible and since they are built at altitude they come free with Sierra attitude!

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