POC wants you to join its ambassador program

POC wants you to join its ambassador program

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Through the Aspire Collective, POC is providing a pathway to promote growth and talent in skiing and beyond.

Of the countless skiers that take to the mountains every year, only a lucky few can consider themselves “pros” or “ambassadors.” They’re the athletes we watch in the movies, the ones that inspire us to reach further, individuals at the top of their sport who’ve gained recognition for their unmatched ability and focus on adventures at high-altitude.

But POC, a Swedish manufacturer of FREESKIER-approved helmets, goggles and protective gear, is changing this overused model with its Aspire Collective—and wants you to apply to join its community of rising stars.

“It takes belief and the extraordinary to reach the pinnacle of any sport,” said David DeMartini, POC’s chief marketing and digital officer, in a recent press release. “Talent and passion are obvious, essential prerequisites, but all too often we see natural talent and passion struggle. The Aspired Collective is our way of being able to nurture and support athletes who, like us, want to inspire others and make a difference. Together the potential is limitless.”

No matter your experience or your sport, POC wants to hear from you. That’s right—whether you’re on the cusp of greatness or just a beginner—the Aspire Collective is meant to provide the support and vision for individuals of every background. All you need to do is provide some basic information about yourself, your sport and your aspirations on the Aspired Collective website. POC will review every application thoroughly.

“We have a history of supporting grass roots athletes, and there is no greater reward than seeing an athlete reach their goals and shine through on a global stage,” continued DiMartini. “But what matters most to us is not the category, age or experience, it is being able to support athletes who clearly have the talent and the passion, but have yet to have the opportunity. That’s the Aspired Collective and we are incredibly excited to welcome applications.”

To apply for the Aspire Collective, click here.