Photo Gallery: Monster Energy team invades Mammoth Mountain

Photo Gallery: Monster Energy team invades Mammoth Mountain

As spring comes each season, the Monster ski team gathers for a few days of decompression, fun and photo shooting. It’s a low-pressure moment to enjoy themselves more than a fiercely competitive shootout. And so, through snow and wind, late nights at the club, sunsets in hot springs, and long days on the hill the crew plays hard, laughs harder and still skis hard (since that, ultimately, is what most skiers do to relax).

This year, there were four ski features: a downhill, offset quarterpipe gap, Mammoth’s big ‘ol halfpipe, a large step-down kicker with an enormous landing, and a mailbox jib-gap going to that same landing. With 11 skiers, there was always someone shredding, but Jossi Wells and Henrik Harlaut were particularly keen and didn’t stop through two long days on the hill.

Check out the gallery the click over to the video edit, from the Rotate Film Group, for more ski fun.

Photos: Nate Abbott

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