Peter Olenick Extra Coverage

Peter Olenick Extra Coverage

Whenever we at Freeskier conduct an interview, we inevitably end up with too much. We have to cut, edit down and throw out perfectly good content for it to fit. Here are eight questions that didn’t make it into Peter Olenick’s feature from our October 2007 Issue. Enjoy.

Interview by Matt Harvey

What’s it like being in the park with kids who recognize you and look up to you?
I just try to remember when I was trying to be a pro skier and the park is super intimidating and you see someone better than you and you stand back and let them snake. When I see those kids, I try and say what’s up and then I’ll go. I just try and make them feel a little more comfortable in the park. At summer camp I remember when I was a camper that everybody at the first meeting is all tough and they’ve got all their style dialed and they’re like, yeah, whatup. Then you get on the hill and everybody is super nice. So there’s no reason to be intimidated by anyone.

When you’re having a bad day and you can’t land anything, is it hard to maintain your professionalism sometimes?
Some days you just have those days where you can’t do anything, even the tricks you can do super easily, and you just get pissed off. I want to quit for the day, but I just try to go have fun and just do backflips all day because those are pretty hard to mess up. I will have fun and just write the day off and keep skiing and show everybody that skiing is still fun and it’s not, ‘Oh, I have to do this… I have to get good.’ You’re just having fun that’s all that really matters.

What was it like growing up skiing in Aspen?
Our instructor, in our race program, when I was six, his name was Uncle Chuck and we skied with the same people every year, every weekend, both days. We wouldn’t even practice, we’d show up for the one race on Saturday and not even look at the course, just race it, and then freeski all day. We had tuck runs and he’d do things called ‘weiners in space’ where he’d put bottle rockets on the ends of hot dogs and shoot it in the air… he pretty much just got us to love skiing. He was my coach until I was in seventh grade and then he came down with colon cancer and couldn’t instruct us that year. We got a replacement and the first day we were being all cocky kids, saying ‘this guy sucks.’ He knew that he knew he was getting the good group, so he went up the first run and did a backflip off a mogul kicker and we were like, ‘Oh my God we love you.’ His name was Vince Lehey and he tought us backflips against our parents’ will and he got us into ski camps and got us to where we are. He made our first ski video for us and we dedicated it to Chuck, who got to watch it two weeks before he passed.

Is your mom your number one fan?
I would say my mom and my dad tie. My mom likes to steal the spotlight a lot more but my dad has done everything with us forever. My dad doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves, you know? He doesn’t care though, he’s not going to try to compete for the spotlight with my mom.

This year I think you fell on your first two runs at X Games. What’s the pressure like knowing that your run is ruined?
Not only does it suck that you fell because your whole run is ruined, you’re also sitting in the middle of the halfpipe — on TV — with everyone staring at you and you’re like, ‘I can’t believe I just fell. This sucks!’

Do you still get nervous at contests now?
I still get nervous. But now it’s not as much nervous for the competition scene. I’m kind of used to that. But I’m more nervous about the tricks I have to do when I’m competing.

How much of this season would you say you traveled without your duffel bag?
The first three trips I went on a plane I didn’t end up on the other side with my duffel bag

I counted 14 toilet paper rolls behind your toilet last time I was there. Why don’t you just throw them out?
[laughs] Uhhhh lazy, I don’t know. We’ll like go and kinda clean up and not really do the whipe down mop style clean.. we’ll do that every two weeks or something but it’s so pointless cause we’ll do it and then two hours later it’s exactly the same way as it was before so we usually just let it get so bad where it’s like, this is fucking nasty. Then we’ll clean it up. But it’s funny cause friends come over who’ve never really seen it before and they’re like, “This is college? Oh my god.”

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