PBP Drops trailer, Q&A with Tyler Hamlet

PBP Drops trailer, Q&A with Tyler Hamlet

Revolver (Official Trailer) from Poor Boyz Productions on Vimeo

With today’s launch of the new trailer for Poor Boyz’ Revolver, we caught up with Tyler Hamlet, cinematographer extraordinaire over at PBP.

Freeskier: You guys drop a trailer in January, and now a summer edit. I’m assuming you have a lot good footage from this year?
Tyler Hamlet: Yeah, we definitely do. The really crazy thing is that there is so much top level riding. We have great stuff from every spectrum. I really have to thank all the athletes for all there efforts this year.

FS: You’ve been a cine for a long time now, what’s the best and worst part of it?
TH: I guess the best part is to have the freedom to really travel where ever you want, the worst part is not having enough money to always get there, but when you do it makes it that much better.
TH: this is a really vague answer and people have been giving me shit when they ask me, but again there’s so many riders that step up to the plate this year and the guys that have been killing it for years didn’t disappoint either.

FS: I know you don’t want to reveal openers and closers, but who do you think will have the best segments in your flick?
I would say that some of the standout segments will be from newcomers like Bene Mayr and LJ Strenio. Riley Leboe really stepped it up as well. But all in all, guys like Sammy, Simon, Dane, Tim and Jossi really have great seggies.

FS: If you had to pick your favorite trip of the year, what would it be?
TH: Every trip I go on has great parts. France was great because I got to meet Bene and he was a blast to hang with and really fit in with the crew. Japan was great too because I always like to see Henny ski.

All in all I would have to say that AK was the best trip for us. I know we are not pioneering new terrain but this year was the pinnacle of many years of groundwork for us. I feel like our crew is finally getting into the terrain and utilizing it in ways that we have been working for for years. To see JP starting to pick bigger lines that are more exposed and more technical and guys like Julien, Tim, Dane and Pep really bringing an element of freestyle to AK, I really couldn’t be any happier with the result and it really makes me look forward to going back.

FS: I like the air of secrecy. What is the backstory behind your title, Revolver?
TH: The idea behind Revolver came to me on the Nike 6.0 trip when we where filming Everyday is a Saturday. I was taking a leak and looking at this old photo. There where these two skiers at the bottom of a run with figure eights behind them. But off to the side of the figure eights were some really sick lines and pillows and it hit me, “it’s how far each generation has pushed the boundaries and what sort of factors go into that.”

FS: And what kind of locations can viewers except to feast their eyes on this fall?
TH: Japan, Austria, France, Canada, Alaska… Edmonton was cool. Alport and the boys really worked hard to find new aspects of urban.

FS: Do you guys have a date and time set for the World Premier?
TH: Sept. 11 at the King Cat theater in Seattle, WA. Look online at poorboyz.com for updates on the tour.

FS: You’re world premier last year was a triple threat, will it be similar this year?
TH: Yeah. Every year we get more stops under our belt and get better and putting on a show and having a good time. Check out the tour schedule to see if there is a stop near you.

FS: Also, with TGR going 3D this year, an RED cams becaoming more available… does PBP have any tech tricks up it’s sleeve?
TH: I’m really excited to see 3D this year. This is a crazy time to be in filmmaking for sure. Like skiing… I don’t think the film industry has seen such this much improvement at such a short time span. It’s crazy to think that just a few years ago i was doing timelapses with a special 16mm motor and nowadays your basic point and shoot has better features than we did.
But to anwser your question if PBP has any tricks… PBP dosn’t really have much going for big budget cameras. The strength of PBP lies in just pushing it further and being there when it happens.

Be sure to catch Revolver this fall. Visit Poor Boyz for more information regarding ordering the movie or catching a premier.

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