Renowned filmmaker Kris Ostness is returning to the scene in 2008 to make a team film with Atomic. A small group of Atomic athletes will be featured in the movie, including Chris Benchetler, Jossi Wells, Ian Cosco, Tim Durtschi, Brandon Becker, Dylan Natale, and Angeli VanLaanen. There will be cameos from other team athletes as we travel the country throughout the season. Osteness said, “After taking last season off from snow shooting I’m super stoked to get back out in the field. Atomic has put together a sick little crew to shoot with.”

Natale, a veteran member of the Atomic team, is looking forward to getting this project rolling. He said, “I think what Atomic is pushing for has all the right ingredients to put forth a quality movie that portrays not only individual segments of their athletes but kind of gives a broad overview of what Atomic’s team stands for as a whole.”

Ostness’ exclusivity to Atomic is going to allow us to construct a movie that follows this versatile group of athletes day in and day out. We’ll be at the X-Games with Jossi, throwing down on rails with Cosco, and hitting backcountry booters with Durtschi. The film will explore the talents of this diverse team and will expose the new faces that have joined us, including Benchetler, Durtschi, VanLaanen, and Becker.

In addition to being new to Atomic, Becker is stoked on his reunion with Ostness; the two last worked together on Teddy Bear Crisis. Ostness said, “I’m especially excited to work with Brandon Becker again to see what we can come up with.”

As with the rest of the athletes, Durtschi is pumped for the upcoming project. He said, “I have never filmed with Ostness before, but I can’t wait to do this. Ostness got a lot of people excited with Teddybear Crisis and I think he will be able to do it again with the talent he as to work with on the Atomic team.”

Combining Ostness’ creativity with the top skiers in the business is going to make for one of the most anticipated films in years.

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