Only 48 Hours Remain To Cast Your Vote For The Contour March Radness Contest

Only 48 Hours Remain To Cast Your Vote For The Contour March Radness Contest


Contour's March Radness contest has been truckin' along this month, and after many rounds of heated head-to-head, bracket-style action, two finalists now stand alone.

The challenge pits skiers against snowboarders, in the ultimate showdown. Sixteen skiers, sixteen snowboarders, and only one grand prize. Said prize, for your information, is an all-expenses-paid trip to film with either Standard Films of Poor Boyz Productions. Not too shabby!

With just 48 hours remaining until the voting closes, it's up to you to decide who will take the cake. And here at Freeskier, we don't exactly endorse any sort of pity fighting between skiers and snowboarders, but we'll put it out there, just for the record: the ski edit is full of double backies… and we love double backies… so go vote for it.

With caught up with Marc Barros, CEO of Contour, who had this to say about the contest:

"Contour is stoked to create a contest that brings together the best amateur filmers against the ultimate competition backdrop; a bracket challenge. It's also cool to see the deep rivalry between planks and boards come to life in this winner take all video contest. The final is definitely heating up and it will be exciting to see which video wins. Visit contour.com and start voting!"

So there you have it; the folks at Contour are eager to see who will garner the title, and the ultimate bragging rights. A handful of snowboarding media outlets, including Snowboard Magazine, Transworld Snowboarding, and Snowboarder Magazine, have already sounded the horn, asking snowboard-fans around the world to support their own kind.

So we're just doing our part, and bringing to your attention the fact that one certain "PFOULGER" needs your assistance. The votes are almost neck-and-neck, so do it up, and make skiers proud.

The contest runs through March 31, and a grand champion will be crowned on April 1.

Cast your vote now!

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