Oakley’s Snow Revolution Tour rolls into Summit County

Oakley’s Snow Revolution Tour rolls into Summit County

Oakley’s Snow Revolution Tour rolled into Loveland and Breckenridge this weekend, thus ending their successful snow tour which included stops at Northstar-at-Tahoe and Salt Lake City. Oakley’s Rolling O Lab has been touring the country, serving their own brand of education to the dealers who have supported the company from the beginning. The tour included the Rolling Lab, the Build-A-Goggle Bar, athlete poster signings, loud beats from a DJ and product giveaways.

The Rolling Lab is used to educate shop employees about the technology and research that goes into all the Oakley eyewear products. Tests ranged from a high speed velocity tests where air compressors shot a BB at 150 feet per second at lenses, to a high impact test, where a 1.1 lb spiked weight was slammed onto goggles and glasses. Oakley — and their competitors — products are also subjected to numerous optical clarity tests, for the employees education.

Grey skies presided over Loveland as the tour set up shop at the base of the ski area. Shop employees were treating to complimentary pairs of goggles in the build a goggle bar, while fans and passerbys were able to rub shoulders with the best athletes in the business. Flying in from all corners of the globe were Jon Olsson, Tanner Hall, Jossi Wells, Oscar Sherlin, Seth Morrison and Sammy Carlson. Wind and snow didn’t keep the spirits down as many waited to get a poster and a photo with some of the athletes. Loveland was also nice enough to open a couple new runs, filled with blower pow, for Tanner, Sammy and crew.

The following day, the Rolling O Lab set up shop right on Main Street in Breckenridge, running shop employee tours all day, keeping the ship tight. Pedestrians could walk right up and drink some coffee or red bull and learn about some Oakley product. Rumor has it that Oakley dropped over 1000 pairs of goggles on the Summit County employees this weekend. With more athlete signings and more snow falling, everyone in Breckenridge seemed to be starting the weekend happily.

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