The Nimbus Report – Ike from Cali

The Nimbus Report – Ike from Cali

Hello all friends and supporters of the Nimbus Independent Hunting Yeti project. Ike Smith here with a little update on our travels in the last month. We got back from an epic trip to B.C. in the middle of February and rested for a couple days, only to hit the road south
this time to a well known backcountry area a couple hours north of Mammoth. The crew was a bit smaller this time as Chris Benchetler broke his clavicle in B.C., while Andy and Pep were on a quick Warren Miller film obligation.

Anyhow, the area we were at had just received close to 4 feet of snow in a short period of time, so we were pumped to get some California sun on our face in between face shots. Turns out all we did was sweat for a the first two days, digging out our sleds and trying to figure out where to go as avalanches had blown through some of our most noticeable landmarks. Once we got a trail in though, it was go time. Chris couldn’t handle being on the couch for long and tandemed out with Christian Sirianni on the first day of jumping. This turned out to be a huge help as it was basically his backyard, so Chris showed us many a cool jump spots. Be sure to tun into webisode 2 on April 15th, for how to get a snowmobile stuck 101 and some epic skiing. Hope these photos can tide you over till then. Over and out.

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