New videos coming soon!

New videos coming soon!

Yo Freeskier.com viewers.
I’ve got some good news for all of you. The HD and large Quicktime renders for 44 Days are just about done rendering and will be uploaded to our video servers when completed. That means you’ll be able to download 44 Days in the following flavors…

  • 480p, Quicktime .mov
  • 720p, Quicktime .mov
  • 640×360, iPod Large .m4v
  • 320×180, iPod Small .m4v
  • 720p, Apple TV, .m4v

So, yeah. We’ve got your back with just about every flavor of downloads that you want. What’s that you say? You want Windows Media .wmv files? Well, tough shit. We’re sticking to our guns with Quicktime and if you don’t have Quicktime you can download it for free at [https://www.apple.com/quicktime apple.com/quicktime].

What’s better than one free ski movie? Two.
That’s why we’re also rendering “Resurrection”, the Fischer team movie produced by Rage Films. I’ve got a brand spankin’ new MacBook Pro and a quad-core G5 rendering the same flavors as 44 Days as I type this. Look for that to drop this week with embeddable players so you can share it on your own site as well as the HD downloads you need to make these videos shine.

I’m wasting prescious processing cycles here, let me set this baby down and allow these video renders to complete. Stay tuned, we’re dropping 40+ minutes of exclusive footage for you to download here on Freeskier.com. Just in time to stoke you out for the 2008-2009 season.

-Digi Dave


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