New, free FREESKIER stickers are hot off the press; come n’ get ’em

New, free FREESKIER stickers are hot off the press; come n’ get ’em

To our loyal readers,

There’s nothing that gets us more excited than seeing you spread the good word about FREESKIER. And one of the best ways to do that—while also looking really cool—is to get your hands on a bunch of free FREESKIER stickers.

Lucky for you, we just got a whole boat load of ’em, and we want to send you all as many as we can.


Just a sampling of what’s waiting for you at the FREESKIER office.


Here’s how to make it happen:






  • After that, we’ll take your envelope, fill it with stickers and send it back to you. Simple as that.




  • After that, you can do whatever you please with those stickers: Put ’em on your skis; put ’em on your car; put ’em on your dog; put ’em on your friends; put ’em on your family; put ’em wherever your hearts desire.




  • If you feel especially proud of your sticker job, send the proof via a photo (or many photos) to [email protected] or tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the #FREESKIER hashtag. We might even share your photo—especially if it’s a sticker on a dog—across our social media channels.



And while we’re on the topic of sending things around the old fashioned way, keep in mind that we absolutely LOVE receiving letters from our fans. We’ve got hundreds stacked up in the office and would be so happy if you kept ’em coming. Those can also be sent to the address above.

A few of our favorite recent letters:


Again, we can’t tell you how much it means to us when we see such passionate support for FREESKIER. Whether you’re slappin’ our stickers on your stuff, sending us letters or just reading the work we work tirelessly to bring you everyday, it truly means the world to us.

All the best,

The FREESKIER Squadron

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