[Must-watch] Bobby Brown Double Header

[Must-watch] Bobby Brown Double Header

Fabled X-Games champion, Breckenridge hound dawg, and Red Bull poster boy, Bobby Brown, has set his sights on the untamed deep snow that can only be found a long ways from the park. He has branched out into the backcountry in recent years to push his skills to new levels, by building staggering features that send him—and those who dare to drop in—to orbit. In the expansive and bountiful wilderness surrounding Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Bobby and friends pieced together incredible shots on GoPro and beautiful 4K cameras mounted on creative rigs that pull you through the forest right alongside Brown. Lucky for you, we have his two recent projects featured right here.

“Backcountry Skiing” is an entirely POV rollercoaster that allows us to view the world from Bobby’s perspective as he tumbles seamlessly through the air. Honestly, it makes the stomach churn in the best possible way. I couldn’t help but think about how amazing it is that we live in an age where small 4K cameras can be easily mounted to a helmet and taken along for the ride. The other half of the Brown duo, his brother, Peter, can be seen taking on the role of ultimate hype man and partner as he cheers on Bobby while capturing the stunts from behind the lens of a much bigger camera. Don’t be fooled, however, Peter can keep up with the best of them and is a fantastic skier in his own right. This video is pseudo-behind the scenes, and gives a great look at the trials and excitement that go into backcountry booter sessions.

Next, the most recent of Brown’s endeavors was a collaboration with Aprés Visuals, in which they tried to push the limits of what filming in the backcountry means. Fittingly titled “Titled Perspectives,” the short film used a series of cable cams and other film technologies to really change up how one views the classic booter shot. Getting camera angles from every side, including under and above, it’s hard to imagine a more comprehensive project. While the music might be overwhelming, don’t let it distract from the mesmerizing skiing. Bobby Brown really is a master of his trade, and it’s a gift that we get to see so much from the living legend. Even if you do not have a passion for skiing and somehow stumbled upon this page, I hope you appreciate these videos for what they are; a dedicated and passionate craftsman displaying what he has poured his life into.


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