mSnow + Windells = success

mSnow + Windells = success

Windells and mSnow teamed up to provide the first ever green dry slope. And it is complete in time for Session 1! The Windells crew, Dan Skivington, and Luke and Adam Schrab have been working around the clock for two months to bring this one home.

The line consists of an up-down-up-rainbow, a flat box, a down hand rail, and a flat hand rail.

The crew was finishing just as the first riders were coming to camp. Numerous campers were all over the mSnow jib line, even in the rain.

The mSnow was a critical part of this project because it allowed precise spinning and edging on all takeoffs.

What’s next?

The on campus bag jump, of course! The bag jump will allow campers to work on everything up to dubs without ever going up to the glacier! These jumps are huge and will be getting the mSnow treatment very soon.

If you have never been, you had better figure out how to get to Windells…the funnest place on earth!

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