Monday Morning Wake Up Call

MMWUC: Ski movie teasers, shark attacks, quadruple flips, more

MMWUC: Ski movie teasers, shark attacks, quadruple flips, more

At its core, Monday Morning Wake Up Call is an original, weekly FREESKIER column that boasts the hottest ski videos and a collection of other Internet gold from the previous week. From banging park shoots, to epic face shots and an array of obscure videos that grace the web, you’ll find ’em here, along with our personal take. Be sure to tune in every Monday to kick your week off right and get your dose of rockin’ content.

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Best of Shred:

Teaser: Legs of Steel’s two-year project, PASSENGER

According to the LOS crew, this film is said to be, “pushing the boundaries of riding, cinematography and storytelling, PASSENGER will be the opus of Legs of Steel.” It’s safe to say that we’re stoked for this one.

Session three highlights from Momentum Ski Camps

The crew at Momentum is staying cool through the heat of the summer sun atop Whistler Mountain. This particular video from the ski camp is packed with an insane amount of professional park skier bangers. It will not disappoint.

Snowlocals feasts on epic Japanese powder

Bottomless snow = bottomless fun. Check out episode one of Snowlocals’ latest project featuring blower Japanese pow.

Watch: Windells’ session three recap

Between the many campers, pro skiers and the fact that the mountain is an actual volcano, Mt. Hood is very active (pun intended), this summer. Windells session three highlights boasts just how sweet it is to shred atop Hood in the warm summer months. Even with a low snow year, camp is still rocking and rolling. Go team!

Videogame-esque ski edit

This video is entirely too entertaining. All you closet gamers out there, watch with caution, this installment is sure to take you on a two-minute thrill ride back to the glory days of your once incredible Nintendo career.

Best of the Rest:

First-ever quadruple backflip on a BMX bike

When I first read this video title, my first thoughts were, How much further can these guys go? A quadruple backflip on a bicycle? Are you f’ing kidding me? This is absolutely bonkers. Leave it to the boys at Nitro Circus to once again claim an incredible feat in action sports history.

Surfer Mick Fanning is attacked by a shark during a surf contest

This is reason number one why I am a skier and not a surfer. Enough said.

Recorder beat-box guy

Is this guy cool? Is this how he spends his free time? Where does a recorder beatboxer practice his recorder beat boxing? Does he have a girlfriend? Does anybody else on earth do this? What made him get into recorder beat boxing? I have so many questions…

Humpback whales feeding

Every time I see a video featuring massive whales doing massive whale actions, I’m always intrigued and you should be too. These lucky large mammal enthusiasts got to witness a full-on feeding frenzy right before their eyes. Nature is pretty neat… “Neature.”

Gou Miyagi is one creative dude

This guy is redefining everything you think skateboarding should be.

Posted by Extreme on Sunday, February 22, 2015

Anyone can / should appreciate an action sports athlete who goes the extra mile in the “creative” department. I am by no means a skateboarder, and while watching badass skaters kickflip over gigantic stair sets is oh-so-awesome, it was refreshing to see this video from Gou Miyagi. Check it out for yourself and see what I mean.

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