MMWUC: 3 badass season edits and whales almost eat divers

MMWUC: 3 badass season edits and whales almost eat divers

This week, we bring you stellar 2012/13 season edits from Phil Casabon, Jesper Tjäder and Kai Mahler. The Best of the Rest includes video of two divers’ close encounter with a pair of whales, a skydiver who drop kicks a baseball player and plenty more. Enjoy, and make it a great day out there.

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Best of the Shred

Phil Casabon oozes style in 2012/13 season edit.

Oh so Swede! Jesper Tjäder drops 2012/13 season edit.

Kai Mahler takes a break from school to present his 2012/13 season edit.

MSP announces two-year film, “Days of my Youth.”

Best of the Rest

Whales almost eat divers.

Baseball player drop kicked by skydiver.

News reporter mistakenly draws penis.

Don’t run over your friend with a boat.

Animals are awesome, 2013 compilation.

Impressive rifle toss.

Sailboat vs. bridge.

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