Superunknown XI champ Mitchell Brower talks ’13/’14 season, future plans

Superunknown XI champ Mitchell Brower talks ’13/’14 season, future plans

Mitchell Brower started the 2013/2014 season as an unknown ripper from Utah with a camera, a winch, and a serious passion for skiing. Now, the 24-year-old has stamped his name alongside some of freeskiing’s most well-known names as champion of Superunknown XI. Brower submitted a jaw-dropping video entry for the 2014 contest and followed up his edit with banger after banger at the Superunknown finals comp, hosted by Level 1 in Snoqualmie, Washington. We recently caught up with the newly crowned champ to discuss his Superunknown experience, summer plans, and goals for next season.


Name. Home mountain. Phone number.

Mitchell Brower. Snowbird, Utah / Alta, Utah. (801)…

Sorry ladies. Seriously though, congrats on winning Superunknown XI. How’s it feel to be among names like Tom Wallisch, Michael Clarke, Corey Vanular, Magnus Granér, and co?

It’s so fun. Whether I ever get close to being on their level or not, I feel really lucky that my name is on that list. It’s also really cool that some people are as hyped as I am. It’s awesome to have that support.

The talent at the SU finals was stacked. Everyone was throwing down. Did you have any clue you’d be taking home the win?

I was honestly surprised when Josh [Berman] announced that I won. Like you said, the talent was stacked, which made the win that much more fulfilling knowing that my peers who shred [hard] voted for me. Everyone killed it. I was so impressed and entertained every day watching them throw down.

You hit up Disney World after you collected your winnings?

I don’t know what that means, but Khai Krepela did walk me through how to pop the cork off of a champagne bottle and then I poured it on the ground. That’s what you’re supposed to do, right?

What motivated you to enter Superunknown?

I’ve always liked what Level 1 does and how they portray skiing, so it’s always been kind of a dream of mine to shoot with them. I had never entered in the past because I felt that my park skiing didn’t really hang with what I’d see in Superunknown edits. Last year, Utah got a lot of snow in the city and not much in the mountains, so my brother and I decided to try something new and make an urban edit, which turned out better than we expected. So when I saw the Superunknown edits start coming out, I felt like I might be able to hang and compete. It was one of my goals to get more shots and put together the best edit I could for the contest.

Brower’s Superunknown XI submission

What’s your summer looking like? Skiing anywhere or just takin’ ‘er easy?

I actually just walked out of my last final of the semester at BYU, so now I’ll be working, having a good time skating and what not until school starts again in the fall. I’m planning on heading up to Hood for a week or two in July to go ski with the Hood-Crew homies and whoever else is there.

Your style is pretty f’ing creative, who would you say inspires your skiing most?

Man, too many to name. Sammy Carlson, Adam Delorme, Ahmet Dadali, the Stept crew. But that’s just a few. I watch a lot of skiing, snowboarding, and skateboarding. I get ideas from each sport. The things that I think are cool influence the spots I pick and how I ski.

What are your plans for next season? Any competition plans or do you want to stick to filming?

I’m pretty hyped on filming, but I would also love to compete in an event like Red Bull’s Cold Rush or Linecatcher.

The Brothers Brower web series proved that both you and your bro can rip. Can we expect to see more of those edits?

Yeah, definitely. We will be releasing another edit this fall. Stay tuned.

The Brothers Brower head to the backcountry

What’s your favorite trick that you learned this year?

Most of what I learned this year was specific to a spot, but probably the 180-nose grind-180 was my favorite.

How about the next trick you want to learn?

I have a long list, but I want to learn right 9’s when I go to Hood this summer.

What’s your favorite food?

Korean food.

Now that you are “super-known” are the ladies knocking down the door, or is there a special someone?

Totally bro! [Laughs] but still single.

Any words for aspiring, “unknown” rippers out there?

Have fun and work hard.

Final thought?

Big thanks to Atomic, Snogression, Hestra, and The Lifthouse for the support. Also, huge thanks to my supportive parents, my brother Kevin and all of the people that would come help dig, film, and/or drive the winch on short notice so I could get a shot. Also, thanks to GLASSFACE for making music for our edits.

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