Mission to Coach

Mission to Coach

My name is Wiatt Peters I’m 19 years old and my mission is to teach the next generation of skiers at my home mountain. I coach the Sierra Summit Freestyle Ski Team, it is a very small team having only 10 members but there is a lot of talent. The oldest is 16 years old and the youngest is 10. While I teach I also try to improve myself as well. I’ve learned that if I try new things it helps the kids try new things helping each other out the whole time. There are a few kids that are very good; as they do their tricks they help the younger kids do theirs as well. In the competitions at Sierra Summit my team got in the top 3 every time, and one time took first, second, and third. We have lots of fun and I love doing it. I’m very happy for what I accomplished last season, pushing the kids to try new things and showing them how to do it. I have the kids respect and I’m very excited for this winter.

My dream (like everyone elso on this) is to become a pro skier. If that ever happens that would be so tight! but if not, I’ll still be the first one on that lift.

-Wiatt Peters

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