Minnesota Girl Gone Wild West

Minnesota Girl Gone Wild West

Hey guys! I’m Jenny and I’m a 21 year old born and raised ski bum from MinneSNOWta!

My first skiing experience was when I was 3 years old in Crested Butte. My parents put me in ski school, at the beginning of the day and by noon I was missing. Apparently, I got a little tired of the magic carpet and thought I was ready for the real deal so I escaped and when they found me I told them “the magic carpet is for babies!”

I guess I have always been a bit of a troublemaker! I love to have a good time and really have a hard time saying NO to just about anything!

I started racing at Highland Hills in Minnesota when I was 7 and continued through highschool. Notice how ski areas in Minnesota are “hills” – skiing in Minnesota means 20 second runs … that takes serious love and dedication for the sport!

After highschool I packed up my jeep and headed west to the Rockies! I’m currently a senior at the University of Denver. I started out on the club ski team here for the first two years, but then realized that racing was wasting my time!

Why ski in the lines?

Since I have been in Colorado I have realized what skiing is all about:
powder days
fresh tracks
face shots … of powder 😉
shredding the gnar gnar
PBR tall boys
hiking even if I’m hungover
and pushing myself to the limit every time.

This winter I’m taking some time off of school and living in Aspen before I start my MBA classes. You can probably find me hanging out in Surefoot where I had my baby blue Langes custom foamed … AMAZING … or of course ripping down highlands bowl!

Basically my passion for skiing has shaped my life since I can remember. I have met the people I love most in life through skiing.

I would make a great Lange girl because I am outgoing, fun, and down for anything … I can shred and I look pretty good in what God gave me and my Lange Boots!

… sooo who wants to see it?!

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